Apple Xcode

Apple Xcode
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1. Main Features

  • Fully-equipped IDE for publishing iOS and OS X apps
  • Support for a variety of languages, including Objective-C, C, C++, Java, Swift, Python, Ruby, and AppleScript
  • Various debugging and performance testing tools
  • Version control systems, including Git, Subversion, and Xcode snapshots, allow for team collaboration
  • Dark Xcode interface and tools for building dark macOS apps
  • Built-in testing engine for running unit tests and UI and performance tests

2. Software Overview

Apple Xcode is a macOS IDE used for developing iOS and macOS apps. It is available for free from the Mac App Store and is required to publish iOS apps to the iTunes App Store and macOS apps to the Mac App Store. The software provides a suite of tools to help developers build user interface components and write source code.

Xcode includes all the tools needed to build and publish apps from start to finish. Xcode's Interface Builder provides a design canvas to create user interface components, as well as to set properties for interacting with your source code. The Interface Builder can also easily switch from light to dark mode for developing dark macOS apps (introduced in macOS Mojave). The program integrates with popular version control tools such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket and also provides its own local revision tracking system called snapshots, allowing developers to track revisions of source code.

The IDE features an impressive source code editor that makes it easy to visualize and select sections of code and comes with a built-in refactoring and transformation engine. Changes you make to your code are highlighted next to each line and you are instantly notified if you have created a conflict. This is especially helpful when working collaboratively with local changes and commits from team members upstream in the source repository.

Debugging and performance tools allow developers to test for memory leaks and examine app efficiency during runtime. These tools can be customized or you can use templates included with Xcode to build using the same tools as Apple. Also, Xcode comes with Simulator, a tool that allows you to prototype and test builds of your app by simulating iOS, watchOS, and tvOS devices.

Xcode is a great tool for developing apps and has come a long way since the first version of the software. Apple has streamlined many features and continues to make development easier for app developers. Keep in mind that, while you can develop with Xcode for free, you must subscribe to the iOS and Mac developer programs before you can distribute apps on Apple's stores.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.XCODEPROJ - Xcode Project
Other file extensions used by Apple Xcode:
# File Extension Name
1 .APPEX OS X Application and System Extension File
2 .C C/C++ Source Code File
3 .CACTION Automator Converter Action
4 .CP Xcode C++ Source File
5 .DEVELOPERPROFILE Xcode Developer Profile
6 .DOCSET Doxygen Document Set File
7 .DSYM Xcode Debug Symbols File
8 .DVTPLUGIN Xcode DVT Plug-in
9 .DYLIB Mach-O Dynamic Library
10 .ENTITLEMENTS Mac App Sandboxing Entitlements File
11 .ESI EtherCAT Slave Information
12 .EXP Symbols Export File
13 .FOR Fortran 77 Source File
14 .FPP Fortran Source Code
15 .FSH Fragment Shader File
16 .FTN Fortran Source Code File
18 .GPX GPS Exchange File
19 .H C/C++/Objective-C Header File
20 .HBS Handlebars Template
21 .HPP C++ Header File
22 .ICONSET Mac OS X Icon Set Folder
23 .IDEPLUGIN Xcode IDE Plug-in
24 .IN Autoconf Input File
25 .JAV Java Source File
26 .JAVA Java Source Code File
27 .L Lex Source File
28 .M Objective-C Implementation File
29 .MAKE Xcode Makefile Script
30 .MJS Node.js ES Module File
31 .MK Makefile
32 .MLMODEL Create ML Model
33 .MM Objective-C++ Source File
34 .MOBILEPROVISION Xcode Mobile Provisioning Profile
35 .MOM Managed Object Model
36 .NIB Interface Builder User Interface File
37 .OCTEST Xcode Objective-C Unit Test Bundle
38 .PBPROJ Project Builder Project
39 .PBXBTREE Xcode Auto-Complete File
40 .PBXUSER Xcode Project User Data File
41 .PCH Precompiled Header File
42 .PERSPECTIVEV3 Xcode Project Data File
43 .PLAYGROUND Xcode Playground File
44 .PLIST Mac OS X Property List File
45 .R Rez Source Code File
46 .RB Ruby Source Code
47 .RBW Ruby Script
48 .RCPROJECT Apple Reality Composer Project
49 .REALITY Reality 3D Scene Format
50 .S Source Code File
51 .SCRIPTSUITE AppleScript Script Suite File
52 .SCRIPTTERMINOLOGY AppleScript Script Terminology File
53 .SDEF AppleScript Dictionary Document
54 .SRC Source Code
55 .STORYBOARD Interface Builder Storyboard Document
56 .STRINGS Text Strings File
57 .SWIFT Swift Source Code File
58 .TBD Apple Xcode Text-based Definition File
59 .TCC C++ Source Code File
60 .TD Target Definition File
61 .USDZ Universal Scene Description Zipped Format
62 .VSH Vertex Shader File
63 .XCAPPDATA Xcode App Data File
64 .XCARCHIVE Xcode Archive
65 .XCCOLORTHEME Xcode Color Theme File
66 .XCCONFIG Xcode Configuration Settings File
67 .XCCRASHPOINT Xcode Crash Point File
68 .XCDATAMODELD Xcode Core Data Model File
69 .XCODEPROJ Xcode Project
70 .XCPLUGIN Xcode Plug-in
71 .XCPLUGINDATA Xcode Plug-in Data File
72 .XCSCHEME Xcode Scheme File
73 .XCSNAPSHOTS Xcode Snapshot
74 .XCWORKSPACE Xcode Workspace File
75 .Y Yacc Source File

Updated: March 30, 2019

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