Autodesk EAGLE

Autodesk EAGLE
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1. Main Features

  • Cross-platform PCB design program
  • Design tools for layout of PCB electronic components
  • User Language Program (ULP) functionality enables custom features
  • Export PCB design to Gerber format

2. Software Overview

Autodesk EAGLE is a CAD application used to design the layout of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). EAGLE stands for “Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor.” It is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Autodesk EAGLE was formerly known as CadSoft EAGLE.

EAGLE allows you to create the layout of electrical wires, central processors, and other electronic components on your PCB. The application offers Schematic Editor, Layout Editor, Library Editor, and Autorouter modules to help you design your PCB. You can use these modules to modify different elements of your PCB, such as layers, reference points, and object properties. The program includes other features such as self defined commands, simulation, and data import and export functionality.

EAGLE also provides User Language Program (ULP) functionality. ULPs are programs that EAGLE can execute to modify internal data, instruction sequences, and produce data. They are similar to plugins, as they add user-modified functions to EAGLE. ULPs use the .ULP file extension and are available for download on the Autodesk EAGLE website.

Autodesk EAGLE is a useful PCB CAD application. It provides tools to design your PCB and supports ULP functionality. If you are a professional or just a hobbyist, you will most likely find Autodesk EAGLE up to the task.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.BRD - EAGLE Circuit Board File
Other file extensions used by Autodesk EAGLE:

Updated: March 22, 2019

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