Broderbund The Print Shop

Broderbund The Print Shop
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1. Main Features

  • Design print projects such as calendars, certificates, and cards
  • Choose from over 4,800 templates and insert shapes with shadows and gradients
  • Erase blemishes, whiten teeth, and correct red eye in photos

2. Software Overview

Broderbund The Print Shop is a program used to create personal and business print projects. It is commonly used to design calendars, newsletters, invitations, certificates, and cards.

The application comes with a variety of tools to design your project from scratch. You can create and edit shapes, apply gradients, add drop shadows, frame images with uniques borders, adjust transparencies, and match colors. The software also comes with some photo editing tools for touching up photos, fixing wrinkles, whitening teeth, correcting red eye, and erasing blemishes. One of the application’s most notable features is its large library of over 4,800 templates which can be used to jump start your project and bypass much of the design workload.

The Print Shop is used to create print projects for home, work, and school environments. The software provides features that are convenient for quickly designing more simplistic print projects but in no way should be confused with a professional layout-design application like Adobe InDesign. If you are looking for an easy-to-use design application and don't need professional tools, Broderbund The Print Shop will most likely satisfy your needs and help you achieve your print project needs.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.PSPROJ - The Print Shop Project File
Other file extensions used by Broderbund The Print Shop:

Updated: August 17, 2020

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