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1. Main Features

  • Opens Cal3D files
  • Provides a simple interface
  • View 3D characters from different views

2. Software Overview

Cal3DViewer is an open source application used to load and visualize Cal3D files. Cal3D is a 3D character animation library written in C++ that was originally developed as a 3D client for Worldforge but eventually became a separate program.

The program allows you to open Cal3D files, which includes CFG, CMF, XRF, XMF, CRF, CAF, XSF, CSF, and XAF. The application features a simple interface with a toolbar of basic controls. You can view your 3D characters in solid mode, with textured lines, white lines, white points with bone, white points, and from different angles. The application also enables you to view more information about the model and play the animation.

Cal3DViewer is a lightweight application that provides a straightforward experience for viewing Cal3D files. It doesn't come with a ton of capabilities but does what it promises, which is view Cal3D files.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.CFG - Cal3D Model Configuration File
Other file extensions used by Cal3DViewer:

Updated: December 15, 2015

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