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Corel WinZip
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1. Main Features

  • Widely-used file compression utility
  • ZipSend and ZipShare services for sending large files via email
  • Support for many compressed file formats
  • AES encryption and password-protection security
  • Integrated into Windows Explorer
  • Split archive capabilities
  • Automated backups
  • PDF capabilities, such as signing, merging, and encrypting

2. Software Overview

WinZip is a popular file compression utility for Windows. It allows users to compress and decompress file archives, create data backups, securely encrypt data save files to cloud storage, and manage PDF files. By compressing files, users can conserve storage space and speed up file transfers over the Internet.

WinZip supports a variety of archive formats, including .ZIP, .ZIPX, .RAR, .7Z, .TAR, .GZIP, and .XZ. The utility can compress and extract data to and from single, split, and multi-volume archives. In regards to creating split archives, users can split numerous files into multiple archives of uniform size. These files can be DVD or CD-ROM disk images, documents, videos, images, and other media files. The resulting split archives can then be merged back into the original, complete archive using WinZip.

WinZip integrates with email, social media, and cloud storage, making it easy to send large files directly from within the WinZip application window. WinZip's ZipSend service automatically uploads email attachments to the ZipSend online cloud, and makes them available to email recipients.

WinZip provides security capabilities for user data. It supports AES encryption, which can be used to secure and password-protect sensitive data. Additionally, WinZip automatically wipes, obfuscates, and deletes any temporary extracted files that were created in the process of decryption, preventing unauthorized access to deleted files.

WinZip provides a wide set of features that span from personal to professional environments. Personal users typically use WinZip for decompressing downloaded files over the Internet, or for zipping files that are sent over email. In professional environments, WinZip may be used for encrypting important files, creating compressed documents, and archiving data. Regardless of the environment, Corel WinZip is a great solution for any file compression needs.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.ZIP - Zipped File
Other file extensions used by Corel WinZip:
# File Extension Name
1 .7Z 7-Zip Compressed File
2 .APEX Android Pony Express Package File
3 .APK Android Package File
4 .AR Midtown Madness Data File
5 .ARC Compressed File Archive
6 .ASPK Android Split Package
7 .B64 Base64 MIME-Encoded File
8 .BZ Bzip Compressed File
9 .BZ2 Bzip2 Compressed File
10 .BZIP Bzip Compressed Archive
11 .CAB Windows Cabinet File
12 .DAZIP Dragon Age: Origins Game File
13 .EBABACKUP EBA Command Center Backup File
14 .ECS Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File
15 .EFW Renamed Zip or Executable File
16 .EGG Python Distribution Package
17 .GDZ GEDZip Genealogy Data File
18 .GOOMOD World of Goo Add-on
19 .GPS GOM Player Skin File
20 .GTAR GNU Tar Archive
21 .GZ Gnu Zipped Archive
22 .GZ2 Misnamed BZ2 File
23 .GZI Unix Gzip File
24 .GZIP Gnu Zipped File
25 .H5P HTML5 Content Package
26 .HEX BinHex Encoded File
27 .HQX BinHex 4.0 Encoded File
28 .ISO Disc Image File
29 .IWD Call of Duty Game Data File
30 .JAR Java Archive File
31 .JGZ Gzipped Javascript File
32 .JIC Java Icon File
33 .LHA LHARC Compressed Archive
34 .LQM LG QuickMemo Note
35 .LXF LEN Exchange Format File
36 .LZH LZH Compressed File
37 .LZO LZO Compressed File
38 .MCGAME Minecraft Game Backup File
39 .MCT Windows Live Messenger Data File
40 .MCWORLD Minecraft World Backup File
41 .MIM Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Message File
42 .MIME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension
43 .MME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail
44 .NAR Nokia Image Archive
45 .NFL Nokia Flash Lite Package
46 .NUPKG NuGet Package
47 .OLD Backup File
48 .OSZ osu! Beatmap File
49 .PACK.GZ Pack200 Compressed Archive
50 .PAK PAK (Packed) File
51 .PAQ Hewlett-Packard Software Restore File
52 .PCLX Pencil2D Project
53 .PCV MozBackup Profile Backup
54 .PET Puppy Linux Install Package
55 .PK3 ZDoom Package
56 .PK3 Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
57 .PK4 Doom 3 Engine Game Data File
58 .PSZ Compressed PostScript File
59 .PXZ Pixlr Zipped Layered Image
60 .R01 WinRAR Split Archive Part 1
61 .R02 WinRAR Split Archive Part 2
62 .R03 WinRAR Split Archive Part 3
63 .R04 WinRAR Split Archive Part 4
64 .R1 WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 1
65 .R2 WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 2
66 .R21 WinRAR Split Archive Part 21
67 .R30 WinRAR Split Archive Part 30
68 .RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive
69 .SDT Siemens Desktop Theme File
70 .SDZ Spring Content Package
71 .SDZ NCI Compressed Database
72 .SFX Windows Self-Extracting Archive
73 .SMENT StarMade Entity File
74 .SMSEC StarMade Sector File
75 .SMSKIN StarMade Skin File
76 .SPK Synology Package
77 .TAR Consolidated Unix File Archive
78 .TAR.GZ Compressed Tarball File
79 .TAR.GZ2 Misnamed BZ2 Tarball
80 .TAR.Z Zipped Tarball File
81 .TAZ Tar Zipped File
82 .TBZ Bzip Compressed Tar Archive
83 .TBZ2 Tar BZip 2 Compressed File
84 .TG Gzip Compressed Tar Archive
85 .TGS Telegram Animated Sticker File
86 .TGZ Gzipped Tar File
87 .TINI Chrome OS Crostini Backup
88 .TMF TiVo Video Recording Archive
89 .TZ Zipped Tar Archive
90 .U3P U3 Smart Application
91 .USTAR Uniform Standard Tape Archive Format File
92 .UUE Uuencoded File
93 .VPK PlayStation Vita Application Package
94 .WIDGET Yahoo! Widget
95 .WJF WinZip Job File
96 .WMZ Compressed Windows Metafile
97 .WZCONFIG WinZip Configuration File
98 .WZMUL WinZip Registration File
99 .XXE XXEncoded File
100 .Z Unix Compressed File
101 .Z00 Split Zip Archive
102 .Z01 First Split Zip File
103 .Z02 Second Split Zip File
104 .Z03 Third Split Zip File
105 .Z04 Fourth Split Zip File
106 .ZAB Zipped Audio Book
107 .ZAD Carmageddon Game Data File
108 .ZFSENDTOTARGET Compressed Folder
109 .ZIPX Extended Zip Archive
110 .ZI_ Renamed Zip File
111 .ZM9 ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed Zip File
112 .ZPI Zipped File

Updated: November 14, 2020

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