Corel WordPerfect

Corel WordPerfect
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1. Main Features

  • Compatible with Microsoft Office formats
  • Create macros to automate work using PerfectScript or the macro development wizard
  • Utilize the advanced code system to create dynamic documents and keep track of your code easily
  • Open, edit, secure, and export PDF files with built-in PDF software

2. Software Overview

Corel WordPerfect is a word processor for Windows included with the WordPerfect Office suite. It comes with various word processing features, support for Microsoft Office formats, and powerful PDF editing and security capabilities.

WordPerfect supports various document formats, including its native .WPD format, along with Microsoft Word .DOCX and .DOC files. The application includes many features designed to make your word processing experience quick and efficient. It has many different key combination shortcuts you can use to access tools without the need to click on an icon or navigate through menus. You can also use its Macro Manager to create and implement macros for automating tasks like creating documents, editing documents, and displaying the results of calculations. WordPerfect doesn't embed macros directly into your documents, so it doesn't have issues with macros being used as viruses like Microsoft Word.

WordPerfect also supports .PDF files, which includes the PDF Form Feature, Import, Export, and Security and Archiving capabilities. You can create fillable forms by adding controls, such as text fields and dropdown lists, as well as style the appearance of the forms. You can import and export PDF documents, as well as password-protect and restrict permissions for PDFs.

Another feature that makes WordPerfect a powerful tool is its streaming code architecture. You can create your document using "codes" which are tags throughout your document that handle styling and the treatment of your data. A document that you create with codes is similar to HTML in that it is a mixture of text and code tags that affect the behavior of the text. You can manage your codes with the Reveal Codes feature, which opens in a second editing screen and displays all of the data and styles used in your document. From the editing screen, you can click on any of your data or styles to launch the style editor or data configuration window and make modifications.

WordPerfect is a great alternative to Microsoft Word for word processing, and it is a very powerful productivity tool. If you like to be able to customize your writing experience with shortcuts and macros this is definitely the best choice of the two. WordPerfect can bring your document creating process to the next level and help you maximize your efficiency the way you want to.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.WPD - WordPerfect Document
Other file extensions used by Corel WordPerfect:
# File Extension Name
1 .ABX WordPerfect Address Book
2 .CDR CorelDRAW Image File
3 .DIF Data Interchange Format
4 .DOC Microsoft Word Document (Legacy)
5 .DOCX Microsoft Word Document
6 .DOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document
7 .DOX MultiMate Document
8 .ENV WordPerfect Environment
9 .EQN WordPerfect Equation
10 .FFT Final Form Text File
11 .FRM Form File
12 .IX2 WordPerfect Address Book File
13 .LAB WordPerfect Label Definition File
14 .LGC WordPerfect DTD Compiler Logic File
15 .MEM Macro Editor Macro
16 .ODT OpenDocument Text Document
17 .PDF Portable Document Format File
18 .PLIST Mac OS X Property List File
19 .QPX Quattro Pro QuickColumn Settings File
20 .QUID QuidProQuo Document
21 .RFT Revisable Form Text Document
22 .RTF Rich Text Format File
23 .SAM Ami Pro Document
24 .SGM SGML File
25 .SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language File
26 .SYLK Microsoft Symbolic Link File
27 .TXT Plain Text File
28 .UWL User Word List File
29 .VW Volkswriter Text File
30 .WBK WordPerfect Workbook
31 .WP4 WordPerfect 4 Document
32 .WP5 WordPerfect 5 Document
33 .WP6 WordPerfect 6 Document
34 .WP7 WordPerfect 7 Document
35 .WPD WordPerfect Document
36 .WPE WordPerfect Entrust Document
37 .WPF WordPerfect Form
38 .WPG WordPerfect Graphic File
39 .WPK WordPerfect Macro
40 .WPM WordPerfect Macro File
41 .WPP WordPerfect Color Palette
42 .WPT WordPerfect Template
43 .WPW WP Works Word Processor File
44 .WR1 Lotus Symphony Worksheet File
45 .WRI Microsoft Write Document
46 .WSD WordStar Document
47 .XY XYWrite Document
48 ._DOCX Renamed Microsoft Word Document
49 .{PB Corel WordPerfect Document Index File

Updated: March 26, 2021

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