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1. Main Features

  • Access most modern database engines
  • Perform calculations with 34 digits of precision
  • Create complex SQL statements with a drag and drop interface
  • Find what you need with Enhanced Project Navigation

2. Software Overview

dBase is a database management system that first appeared on the scene in 1979. It has since grown to be a powerful tool and today can support most modern database engines like MySQL, SQL Server, Access, and FoxPro.

dBase provides many useful tools for managing your database and supporting rapid application development. It provides a useful SQL Builder that allows you to construct complex SQL statements with a simple drag and drop interface. It also has a Project Explorer and Enhanced Project Navigation that make it easy to find a window or resource that you need.

Besides tools to make database management easier, dBase also has other features to improve its functionality. dBase supports ActiveX Dynamic Objects (ADO) to improve its compatibility and includes several custom ADO components that make it easy to use. dBase can also perform high precision math with floating point numbers that support up to 34 digits of precision, pushing your mathematical accuracy even further.

There are many different database management systems available today. If you want an intuitive interface that simplifies database management, then dBase might be the option for you.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.DBF - Database File
Other file extensions used by dBase:

Updated: March 6, 2014

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