• Company FFmpeg
  • Version 2
  • Platforms
  • License Open Source
  • Category Utility
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1. Main Features

  • Convert audio and video at very high speeds
  • Resize video and change sample rates on the fly
  • Work with a large list of different codecs

2. Software Overview

FFmpeg is a command-line tool that is part of an open source multimedia framework also named FFmpeg. It is used to convert many different audio and video formats very quickly and also has the ability to get media from live audio and video sources.

If you are comfortable with computers and want a tool that can get you high quality results out of converting and manipulating multimedia, FFmpeg is right up your alley. For those who don't want to work through a command-line interface, a different media converter might be a better way to go.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.FFM - FFmpeg Stream File
Other file extensions used by FFmpeg:
# File Extension Name
1 .3GA 3GPP Audio File
2 .4XM 4X Movie
3 .ADX ADX Audio File
4 .AEA ATRAC1 Audio File
5 .AMV Actions Media Video
6 .ANM DeluxePaint Animation
7 .APC CRYO Interactive APC Audio
8 .AV1 AV1 Video
9 .BFI Brute Force & Ignorance Video
10 .BMV Teeny Weeny Games Video File
11 .BW Black and White SGI Image File
12 .C93 Interplay C93 Video
13 .CAM MSN Messenger Webcam Recording
14 .CDXL Commodore CDXL Video
15 .CIN Delphine Software CIN Video
16 .CMV Electronic Arts CMV Video
18 .DCT Electronic Arts DCT Video
19 .DFA DreamForge Intertainment Video
20 .DRC BBC Dirac Video
21 .DUK Duck TrueMotion S Video
22 .DXA Feeble Files Video
23 .EAC3 Dolby Digital Plus Audio
24 .FFINDEX FFmpegSource2 Media Index
25 .FFM FFmpeg Stream File
26 .G722 G.722 ADPCM Audio File
27 .H261 H.261 Video
28 .H262 H.262 Video
29 .H263 H.263 Video
30 .H265 H.265 Video
31 .HTK Hidden Markov Model Toolkit Audio
32 .ISS FunCom ISS Audio File
33 .JV Bitmap Brothers Video File
34 .KUX Youku KUX Video
35 .LVF DVR LVF Video File
36 .LXF Harris/Leitch Video File
37 .M4S MPEG-DASH Video Segment
38 .MEDIA Security Camera Video
39 .ML20 MSN Webcam Recorder Video
40 .MOVIE SGI Movie File
41 .MV SGI Video File
42 .MVE Interplay MVE Video File
43 .MVI Motion Pixels MVI1 Video File
44 .NUT NUT Video File
45 .P64 H.261 Video File
46 .PAF Packed Animation File
47 .PAM Portable Arbitrary Map Image
48 .PIC Pictor Paint Image
49 .PIX BRender PIX Image
50 .PMP PlayStation Portable Movie
51 .PTX V.Flash PTX Image
52 .RL2 Voyeur Game Video File
53 .RPL Escape Video File
54 .SEC Samsung Security Video File
55 .SEQ Tiertex Limited SEQ Video File
56 .SF IRCAM Sound File
57 .SNS SNS Video Game Audio File
58 .SOL Sierra On-Line Audio File
59 .SON Beam Software SIFF Audio File
60 .SPH NIST SPHERE Audio File
61 .TGQ Electronic Arts TGQ Video File
62 .TGV Electronic Arts TGV Video File
63 .TMV 8088 Corruption Video
64 .TSP TrueSpeech Audio File
65 .TY+ TiVo Video Recording File
66 .VB Beam Games SIFF Video
67 .VID Bethesda Video File
68 .VMD Sierra VMD Video File
69 .VP5 On2 VP5 Video File
70 .VQA Westwood Studios VQA Video
71 .WEBM WebM Video File
72 .WVE Electronic Arts TQI Video File
73 .XMV Xbox Media Video File
74 .XWMA Microsoft xWMA Compressed Audio
75 .Y4M YUV4MPEG2 Video File
76 .YOP Psygnosis YOP Video

Updated: August 11, 2014

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