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1. Supported File Types

Other file extensions used by File Viewer Plus:
# File Extension Name
1 .3FR Hasselblad 3F RAW Image
2 .3GA 3GPP Audio File
3 .3GPP2 3GPP2 Multimedia File
4 .3P2 3GPP Multimedia File
5 .4XM 4X Movie
6 .7Z 7-Zip Compressed File
7 .8SVX Amiga 8-Bit Sound File
8 .A2L ASAP2 ECU Description File
9 .AA Audible Audio Book File
10 .AA3 ATRAC Audio File
11 .AAC Advanced Audio Coding File
12 .AC3 Audio Codec 3 File
13 .ACT ADPCM Compressed Audio File
14 .ADB Ada Body File
15 .ADS Ada Specification File
16 .AEA ATRAC1 Audio File
17 .AHK AutoHotkey Script
18 .AIFC Compressed Audio Interchange File
19 .AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
20 .AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
21 .AMV Anime Music Video File
22 .AMV Actions Media Video
23 .ANIM Amiga Animation File
24 .ANM DeluxePaint Animation
25 .APC CRYO Interactive APC Audio
26 .APE Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File
27 .APK Android Package File
28 .APNG Animated Portable Network Graphic
30 .ARJ ARJ Compressed File Archive
31 .ARW Sony Digital Camera Image
32 .ARW Sony Alpha Raw Digital Camera Image
33 .AS ActionScript File
34 .ASF Advanced Systems Format File
35 .ASM Assembly Language Source Code File
36 .ASP Active Server Page
37 .ASPX Active Server Page Extended File
38 .AU Audio File
39 .AU3 AutoIt v3 Script
40 .AUD Video Game Compressed Audio File
41 .AVI Audio Video Interleave File
42 .AVS AVS Workgroup of China Video
43 .BAS BASIC Source Code File
44 .BAT DOS Batch File
45 .BAY Casio RAW Image
46 .BFI Brute Force & Ignorance Video
47 .BIK Bink Video File
48 .BMP Bitmap Image File
49 .BMV Teeny Weeny Games Video File
50 .BPK Nero SecurDisc Public Key File
51 .BPR Borland C++Builder Project File
52 .BW Black and White SGI Image File
53 .BZ2 Bzip2 Compressed File
54 .BZIP2 Bzip2 Compressed Archive
55 .C C/C++ Source Code File
56 .C93 Interplay C93 Video
57 .CAB Windows Cabinet File
58 .CAFF Core Audio File
59 .CAM MSN Messenger Webcam Recording
60 .CBR Comic Book RAR Archive
61 .CBZ Comic Book Zip Archive
62 .CDG Compact Disc Plus Graphics Image
63 .CDXL Commodore CDXL Video
64 .CFM ColdFusion Markup File
65 .CGI Common Gateway Interface Script
66 .CHM Compiled HTML Help File
67 .CIN Kodak Cineon Bitmap File
68 .CIN Delphine Software CIN Video
69 .CLP Clipper Compiler Instructions File
70 .CMAKE CMake File
71 .CMD Windows Command File
72 .CMV Electronic Arts CMV Video
73 .COB COBOL Source Code File
74 .CONF Generic Configuration File
75 .CONFIG Configuration File
76 .CPIO Unix CPIO Archive
78 .CR2 Canon Raw Image File
79 .CR3 Canon Raw 3 Image File
80 .CRW Canon Raw CIFF Image File
81 .CS C# Source Code File
82 .CSH C Shell Script
83 .CSS Cascading Style Sheet
84 .CSV Comma Separated Values File
85 .CUR Windows Cursor
86 .DAT Exchange E-mail Attachment
87 .DAT VCD Video File
88 .DCR Kodak Digital Camera RAW Image File
89 .DCR Kodak RAW Image File
90 .DCT Electronic Arts DCT Video
91 .DD DiskDoubler Archive
92 .DDS DirectDraw Surface Image
93 .DDS DirectDraw Surface
94 .DEB Debian Software Package
95 .DESKTHEMEPACK Windows 8 Desktop Theme Pack File
96 .DFA DreamForge Intertainment Video
97 .DFM Delphi Form
98 .DFONT Mac OS X Data Fork Font
99 .DIB Device Independent Bitmap File
100 .DIC DICOM Image
101 .DICOM DICOM Image File
102 .DIVX DivX-Encoded Movie File
103 .DIZ Description in Zip File
104 .DNG Digital Negative Image File
105 .DOC Microsoft Word Document (Legacy)
106 .DOCM Microsoft Word Macro-enabled Document
107 .DOCM Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
108 .DOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document
109 .DOCX Microsoft Word Document
110 .DOT Word Document Template
111 .DOT Microsoft Word Document Template (Legacy)
112 .DOTM Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document Template
113 .DOTM Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
114 .DOTX Microsoft Word Template
115 .DOTX Word Open XML Document Template
116 .DPKW Delphi Package
117 .DPROJ Delphi Project
118 .DPX Digital Picture Exchange File
119 .DRC BBC Dirac Video
120 .DSS Digital Speech Standard File
121 .DTS DTS Encoded Audio File
122 .DUK Duck TrueMotion S Video
123 .DV Digital Video File
124 .DVR-MS Microsoft Digital Video Recording
125 .DXA Feeble Files Video
126 .EBA Emergence BASIC Source Code File
127 .EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile
128 .EML E-Mail Message
129 .EMLX Apple Mail Message
130 .EMZ Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
131 .ERF Epson RAW File
132 .ERL Erlang Source Code File
133 .EX Euphoria Source Code
134 .EXR OpenEXR Image
135 .EXW Euphoria Source code File
136 .F4V Flash MP4 Video File
137 .F90 Fortran 90 Source Code File
138 .F95 Fortran 95 Source Code File
139 .FFF Hasselblad RAW Image
140 .FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec File
141 .FLV Flash Video File
142 .FLX FLIC Animation
143 .FOR Fortran 77 Source File
144 .FPP Fortran Source Code
145 .FTN Fortran Source Code File
146 .FVP File Viewer Plus Batch Presets File
147 .G722 G.722 ADPCM Audio File
148 .GDV Gremlin Digital Video
149 .GIF Graphical Interchange Format File
150 .GSM Global System for Mobile Audio File
151 .GXF General eXchange Format File
152 .GZ Gnu Zipped Archive
153 .GZIP Gnu Zipped File
154 .H C/C++/Objective-C Header File
155 .H263 H.263 Video
156 .H264 H.264 Encoded Video File
157 .HAML Haml Source Code File
158 .HEIF High Efficiency Image Format
159 .HEVC High Efficiency Video Coding File
160 .HFS HFS Disk Image File
161 .HPP C++ Header File
162 .HS Haskell Script
163 .HTK Hidden Markov Model Toolkit Audio
164 .HTML Hypertext Markup Language File
165 .ICO Icon File
166 .IIQ Phase One RAW Image
167 .IMAGE Apple Disk Image
168 .INC Include File
169 .INF Setup Information File
170 .INI Windows Initialization File
171 .ISO Disc Image File
172 .ISS Inno Setup Script
173 .ISS FunCom ISS Audio File
174 .IWB IWBasic Source Code File
175 .JAR Java Archive File
176 .JAVA Java Source Code File
177 .JLS JPEG-LS Image
178 .JNG JPEG Network Graphic
179 .JP2 JPEG 2000 Core Image File
180 .JPC JPEG 2000 Code Stream File
181 .JPG JPEG Image
182 .JPX JPEG 2000 Image File
183 .JS JavaScript File
184 .JSON JavaScript Object Notation File
185 .JV Bitmap Brothers Video File
186 .K3G 3GP Mobile Phone Video File
187 .KC2 Kodak DCS200 Camera Raw Image
188 .KDC Kodak Photo-Enhancer File
189 .KIX KiXtart Script File
190 .KX KiXtart Tokenized Script File
191 .LHA LHARC Compressed Archive
192 .LIT Literate Haskell Script
193 .LOG Log File
194 .LUA Lua Source File
195 .LVF DVR LVF Video File
196 .LXF Harris/Leitch Video File
197 .LZH LZH Compressed File
198 .LZMA LZMA Compressed File
199 .M2T HDV Video File
200 .M2TS Blu-ray BDAV Video File
201 .M2V MPEG-2 Video
202 .M4A MPEG-4 Audio File
203 .M4B MPEG-4 Audiobook File
204 .M4R iPhone Ringtone File
205 .M4V iTunes Video File
206 .MAD Electronic Arts Madcow Movie File
207 .MDC Minolta Camera Raw Image
208 .MEF Mamiya RAW Image
209 .MHT MHTML Web Archive
211 .MIFF Magick Image File
212 .MK3D Matroska 3D Video File
213 .MKA Matroska Audio File
214 .MKV Matroska Video File
215 .ML ML Source Code File
216 .MLP Meridian Lossless Packing Audio File
217 .MOD Camcorder Recorded Video File
218 .MOS Leaf Camera RAW File
219 .MOVIE SGI Movie File
220 .MP1 MPEG-1 Layer 1 Audio File
221 .MP2 MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File
222 .MP3 MP3 Audio File
223 .MPA MPEG-2 Audio File
224 .MPC Musepack Compressed Audio File
225 .MPC Electronic Arts MPCh Video File
226 .MPEG MPEG Video
227 .MPEG MPEG Movie
228 .MPG MPEG Video File
229 .MPG4 MPEG-4 Video File
230 .MPP Microsoft Project File
231 .MPT Microsoft Project Template
232 .MPX Microsoft Project Exchange File
233 .MRW Minolta Raw Image File
234 .MSG Outlook Mail Message
235 .MSG Outlook Message Item File
236 .MTS AVCHD Video File
237 .MV SGI Video File
238 .MVE Interplay MVE Video File
239 .MVG Magick Vector Graphics File
240 .MVI Motion Pixels MVI1 Video File
241 .MXF Material Exchange Format File
242 .NEF Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image
243 .NRW Nikon Raw Image File
244 .NSH NSIS Header File
245 .NSI NSIS Script
246 .NSL nsL Script
247 .NSV Nullsoft Streaming Video File
248 .NUT NUT Video File
249 .NUV NuppelVideo File
250 .OB2 Oberon-2 Source Code File
251 .ODP OpenDocument Presentation
252 .ODT OpenDocument Text Document
253 .OEB Open eBook File
254 .OFT Outlook File Template
255 .OGG Ogg Vorbis Audio File
256 .OGM Ogg Media File
257 .OGV Ogg Video File
258 .OMA Sony OpenMG Music File
259 .OPUS Opus Audio File
260 .ORF Olympus RAW File
261 .OTT OpenDocument Document Template
262 .P64 H.261 Video File
263 .PAF PARIS Audio File
264 .PAM Portable Arbitrary Map Image
265 .PAS Pascal Source File
266 .PBM Portable Bitmap Image
267 .PCD Kodak Photo CD Image File
268 .PCX Paintbrush Bitmap Image File
269 .PDF Portable Document Format File
270 .PEF Pentax Electronic File
271 .PES Brother PE Embroidery Format
272 .PGM Portable Gray Map Image
273 .PHP PHP Source Code File
274 .PIX BRender PIX Image
275 .PK3 Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
276 .PK4 Doom 3 Engine Game Data File
277 .PKZ Video Game Package
278 .PL Perl Script
279 .PM Perl Module
280 .PMF PSP Movie File
281 .PMP PlayStation Portable Movie
282 .PNG Portable Network Graphic
283 .PNM Portable Any Map Image
284 .POD Perl POD File
285 .POT PowerPoint Template
286 .POT Microsoft PowerPoint Template (Legacy)
287 .POTM PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
288 .POTM Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
289 .POTX Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Template
290 .POTX PowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template
291 .PPM Portable Pixmap Image File
292 .PPS PowerPoint Slide Show
293 .PPS Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show (Legacy)
294 .PPSX PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show
295 .PPSX Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show
296 .PPT PowerPoint Presentation
297 .PPT Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (Legacy)
298 .PPTM Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation
299 .PPTM PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation
300 .PPTX PowerPoint Open XML Presentation
301 .PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
302 .PRG Visual FoxPro Program File
303 .PS1 Windows PowerShell Cmdlet File
304 .PSB Photoshop Large Document Format
305 .PSD Adobe Photoshop Document
306 .PTX V.Flash PTX Image
307 .PVA PVA Video File
308 .PVF Portable Voice Format
309 .QCP PureVoice Audio File
310 .QT Apple QuickTime Movie
311 .R R Script File
312 .RA RealAudio File
313 .RAF Fuji RAW Image File
314 .RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive
315 .RAW Raw Image Data File
316 .RB Ruby Source Code
317 .RBW Ruby Script
318 .RC Resource Script
319 .RGBA RGB Bitmap
320 .RL2 Voyeur Game Video File
321 .RM RealMedia File
322 .RMVB RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File
323 .ROQ Id Software Game Video
324 .RPL Escape Video File
325 .RPM Red Hat Package Manager File
326 .RPY Python Script
327 .RSO NXT Brick Audio File
328 .RTF Rich Text Format File
329 .RW2 Panasonic RAW Image
330 .RWL Leica RAW Image
331 .SAN Smush Animation File
332 .SAS SAS Program File
333 .SCM Scheme Source Code File
334 .SF IRCAM Sound File
335 .SFD Sofdec Dreamcast Movie
336 .SFW Seattle FilmWorks Image
337 .SGI Silicon Graphics Image File
338 .SH Bash Shell Script
339 .SHN Shorten Compressed Audio File
340 .SKM SK Telecom 3GP Video
341 .SMK Smacker Compressed Movie File
342 .SND Sound File
343 .SNM Smush Animation
344 .SOL Sierra On-Line Audio File
345 .SON Beam Software SIFF Audio File
346 .SPH NIST SPHERE Audio File
347 .SPX Ogg Vorbis Speex File
348 .SQL Structured Query Language Data File
349 .SRF Sony RAW Image
350 .SRW Samsung RAW Image
351 .SS SilverStripe Source Code File
352 .ST Atari ST Disk Image
353 .STR PlayStation Video Stream
354 .STY LaTeX Style
355 .SVG Scalable Vector Graphics File
356 .SVGZ Compressed SVG File
357 .TAK Tom's Lossless Audio Kompressor File
358 .TAR Consolidated Unix File Archive
359 .TAR.GZ Compressed Tarball File
360 .TAR.LZMA LZMA Compressed Tarball
361 .TAR.Z Zipped Tarball File
362 .TAZ Tar Zipped File
363 .TBZ Bzip Compressed Tar Archive
364 .TBZ2 Tar BZip 2 Compressed File
365 .TCC C++ Source Code File
366 .TCL Tcl Script
367 .TEX LaTeX Source Document
368 .TGA Targa Graphic
369 .TGQ Electronic Arts TGQ Video File
370 .TGV Electronic Arts TGV Video File
371 .TGZ Gzipped Tar File
372 .THP Wii/GameCube Video File
373 .TIF Tagged Image File
374 .TIFF Tagged Image File Format
375 .TMV 8088 Corruption Video
376 .TP Beyond TV Transport Stream File
377 .TRP HD Video Transport Stream
378 .TS Video Transport Stream File
379 .TSV Tab Separated Values File
380 .TTA True Audio File
381 .TTF TrueType Font
382 .TXD Game Texture Dictionary
383 .TXT Plain Text File
384 .TXZ XZ Compressed Tar Archive
385 .V Verilog Source Code File
386 .VB Visual Basic Project Item File
387 .VB Beam Games SIFF Video
388 .VC1 VC-1 Video File
389 .VDW Visio Web Drawing
390 .VDX Visio Drawing XML File
391 .VHD Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
392 .VHDL VHDL Source File
393 .VID Bethesda Video File
394 .VMD Sierra VMD Video File
395 .VOB DVD Video Object File
396 .VOC Creative Labs Audio File
397 .VP3 On2 Streaming Video File
398 .VP5 On2 VP5 Video File
399 .VP6 TrueMotion VP6 Video File
400 .VP7 TrueMotion VP7 Video File
401 .VQA Westwood Studios VQA Video
402 .VQF TwinVQ Audio File
403 .VSD Visio Drawing File
404 .VSDM Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing
405 .VSDX Visio Drawing
406 .VSR CPCAM CCTV Recording
407 .VSSX Visio Stencil File
408 .VSTM Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing Template
409 .VSTX Visio Drawing Template
410 .VSX Visio Stencil XML File
411 .VTX Visio Template XML File
412 .W64 Sony Wave64 Audio File
413 .WAR Java Web Archive
414 .WAV WAVE Audio File
415 .WBMP Wireless Bitmap Image File
416 .WEBM WebM Video File
417 .WEBP WebP Image
418 .WIM Windows Imaging Format File
419 .WMA Windows Media Audio File
420 .WMF Windows Metafile
421 .WMV Windows Media Video File
422 .WMV Windows Media Video
423 .WMZ Compressed Windows Metafile
424 .WPS Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
425 .WTV Windows Recorded TV Show File
426 .WV WavPack Audio File
427 .WVE Electronic Arts TQI Video File
428 .X3F SIGMA X3F Camera RAW File
429 .XA PlayStation Audio File
430 .XAR Extensible Archive Format File
431 .XBM X11 Bitmap Graphic
432 .XESC Expression Encoder Screen Capture File
433 .XFACE X-Face Image
434 .XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File
435 .XLS Excel Spreadsheet
436 .XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (Legacy)
437 .XLSM Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
438 .XLSM Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
439 .XLSX Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
440 .XLSX Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
441 .XLT Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template (Legacy)
442 .XLT Excel Template
443 .XLTM Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template
444 .XLTM Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template
445 .XLTX Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template
446 .XLTX Excel Open XML Spreadsheet Template
447 .XMA Xbox Media Audio File
448 .XML XML File
449 .XMV Xbox Media Video File
450 .XPM X11 Pixmap Graphic
451 .XSD XML Schema Definition
452 .XSLT XSL Transformation File
453 .XSS XML Style Sheet
454 .XZ XZ Compressed Archive
455 .YML YAML Document
456 .YOP Psygnosis YOP Video
457 .Z Unix Compressed File
458 .ZIPX Extended Zip Archive
459 .ZPI Zipped File

Updated: December 29, 2020

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