FMJ-Software Awave Studio

FMJ-Software Awave Studio
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1. Main Features

  • Open over 290 media formats and write over 135 audio formats
  • Create your own sounds that are compatible with a variety of different synthesizers
  • Preserve audio quality with support for up to 32-bit floating point data samples
  • Convert audio files from synthesizers, trackers, and mobile phones

2. Software Overview

FMJ-Software Awave Studio is a multi-purpose audio tool available for Windows XP and later. It can play, edit, create, and convert a variety of audio formats. Because it supports many audio formats, it is commonly used for converting audio files.

Awave Studio supports a large amount of audio formats. It can read over 290 audio carrying file formats and can write over 135 audio formats, including formats from synthesizers, trackers, and mobile phones.

This program allows you to manipulate files while maintaining audio quality with up to 32-bit floating point data sampling. It also has a built-in high quality software synthesizer for creating your own sounds.

FMJ-Software Awave Studio is a great tool for enthusiasts of computer audio. If you want to be able to convert or use almost any audio format, this program is for you.

3. Supported File Types

Other file extensions used by FMJ-Software Awave Studio:
# File Extension Name
1 .AKP Akai Sampler File
2 .DLS Downloadable Sounds File
3 .DMF Delusion Digital Music File
4 .EMB Everest Embedded Bank File
5 .EMD ABT Extended Module
6 .EMY eMelody Ringtone File
7 .EST_UAX Spanish Unreal Audio Package
8 .EUI Ensoniq EPS Compacted Disk Image
9 .F2R Farandole Linear Module File
10 .F3R Farandoyle Blocked Module File
11 .FFF Gravis UltraSound Sound Bank
12 .FZB Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump
13 .FZF Casio FZ-1 Full Dump
14 .FZV Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump
15 .IMY iMelody Ringtone File
16 .INI Gravis UltraSound Bank Setup File
17 .INS Sample Cell II Instrument Definition File
18 .K25 Kurzweil K2500 File
19 .K26 Kurzweil K2600 File
20 .KMP Korg Trinity/Triton Keymap File
21 .KRZ Kurzweil K2000 File
22 .KSC Korg Trinity/Triton Script File
23 .KSF Korg Trinity/Triton Sample File
24 .MTI MadTracker Instrument
25 .PAC SBStudio II Song File
26 .PAF PARIS Audio File
27 .PAT Gravis UltraSound GF1 Patch File
28 .PBF Pinnacle Sample Bank
29 .PCG Korg Instrument Bank File
30 .PRG WAVmaker Patch File
31 .SBI Sound Blaster Instrument
32 .SBK E-MU SoundFont Sound Bank
33 .SC2 Sample Cell II Instrument Definition
34 .SD Sound Designer Audio File
35 .SD ESPS Sampled Data File
36 .SDS MIDI Sample Dump Standard File
37 .SDX Sample MIDI Dump Exchange
38 .SMP SampleVision Audio Sample Format
39 .SOU SBStudio II Sound File
40 .SVQ Roland Sequencer File
41 .SYW Yamaha SY99/SY85 Audio File
42 .TXW Yamaha TX16W Audio File
43 .UAX Unreal Audio Package
44 .VAP Dialogic Indexed Voice Audio File
45 .VOX Dialogic Voice Audio File
46 .W01 Yamaha SY Series Wave File
47 .WFB WaveFront Sound Bank
48 .WFD WaveFront Drum Kit File
49 .WFP WaveFront Program File
50 .XI Fasttracker 2 Extended Instrument File
51 .XMI Extended MIDI File
52 .XMZ Fasttracker 2 Extended Module

Updated: August 30, 2014

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