GitHub Atom

GitHub Atom
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1. Main Features

  • Supports various file formats, such as .HTML, .XML, .PHP, and .CSS files
  • Comes with smart autocompletion, find and replace, and syntax highlighting
  • Offers a file system browser and teletype for collaboration with others
  • Provides packages for installing additional functionality
  • Allows you to customize the theme and style of the user interface

2. Software Overview

GitHub Atom is a cross-platform, open source text editor. It can be used to open various text file formats, provides helpful editing features, and allows users to customize the text editor by installing packages to add functionality.

Atom supports various file formats, including .HTML, .CSS, .PHP, and .XML. The text editor features smart autocompletion for writing code faster and find and replace for finding, replacing, and previewing text in a single file or across projects. It enables users to share their workspace with others and collaborate in real time with Teletype. It also comes with a file system browser for working with projects and multiple panes to compare and edit code.

One of the best features of the text editor is its built-in package manager. You can search and install or create your own packages to add functionality to the editor. These packages can be anything from syntax highlighting improvements to support for new programming languages to a customizable clock in the status bar.

Atom is a text editor that comes with many of the same features as basic text editors. However, its extensibility, through the use of packages, is what really sets it apart from other editors. If you are looking for a completely customizable text editor, GitHub Atom is a great option that rivals the best text editors.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.HTML - Hypertext Markup Language File
Other file extensions used by GitHub Atom:
# File Extension Name
1 .0 Incomplete Mario Kart Wii Course
2 .ADOC AsciiDoc Document
3 .APPODEAL Appodeal Text File
4 .ASL LiveSplit Auto Splitter Script
5 .BACKUPINFO AromaBackup Metadata
6 .BF Brainf*ck Source Code File
7 .BS Baldur's Gate Player Character Script
8 .CIR Micro-Cap Schematic
9 .COT Coyote Source Code File
10 .COT Coyote Source Code
11 .CWC Coding with Chrome JavaScript File
12 .DAT Nintendo Wii DAT File
13 .DCF Dyalog Component File
14 .DTS Device Tree Source File
15 .DXO DesignXOver Speaker Circuit Design File
16 .DXO DesignXOver File
17 .EBACMD EBA Command Center Data File
18 .EBACMD EBA Command Center Command
19 .EBAIMPORT EBA Command Center Importable
20 .EET ESP/ESM Translator Database
21 .ESI EtherCAT Slave Information
22 .EXS Elixir Source Code File
23 .FLATPAKREPO Linux Flatpak Repository
24 .FTL Fluent Translation List
25 .FZB Fritzing Bin File
26 .FZP Fritzing XML Part Description
27 .HBS Handlebars Template
28 .HX Haxe Source Code Module
29 .IN Autoconf Input File
30 .ISS Inno Setup Script
31 .JS JavaScript File
32 .JSON JavaScript Object Notation File
33 .JSONL JSON Lines File
34 .JSX React JavaScript File
35 .KTR Keter Source Code File
36 .LEMON Sonic 3 A.I.R. Script
37 .LNK42 Windows 93 Desktop Shortcut
38 .MC Molecular Constructor Molecule
39 .MC Molecular Constructor Molecule File
40 .MDX MDX Source Code File
41 .MJS Node.js ES Module File
42 .MK Makefile
43 .MKD Markdown Documentation File
44 .MPD MPEG-DASH Media Presentation Description
45 .NDJSON Newline Delimited JSON File
46 .NET Dynagen Network Topology File
47 .NSNAKE nSnake Level File
48 .OZOCODE Ozobot Program
49 .PIMX Adobe Package Installation Management File
50 .PLOTDOC Plotagon Project File
51 .PMXML Primavera XML Project File
52 .PROTOTXT Prototype Caffe Model
53 .PTNX EasyBeadPatterns Pattern
54 .QBL QuickBooks License File
55 .RASI Rofi Configuration File
56 .RB Rosebud Profile
57 .RED Red Source Code File
58 .REDS Red/System Source Code File
59 .RPMNEW Red Hat Package New Default Configuration
60 .RPMSAVE Red Hat Package Saved Configuration
61 .RST reStructuredText File
62 .SAM SAM Studio Project
63 .SVELTE Svelte Source Code File
64 .TET Godot Engine Script Editor Theme
65 .TRASHINFO Linux Trash Metadata File
66 .TRG TriggerReactor Script
67 .TSX React TypeScript File
68 .VCF Variant Call Format File
69 .VPP V++ Script
70 .YML YAML Document
71 .ZSH-THEME Oh My Zsh Theme

Updated: January 19, 2018

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