Google Android SDK

Google Android SDK
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1. Main Features

  • Optimize the layout and layout hierarchy of your app with layoutopt
  • Debug your code with the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server
  • Automate stress tests on your app with the Moneky
  • Get started with sample code and tutorials
  • Keep the Android platform and tools up to date with SDK Manager

2. Software Overview

Google Android SDK is a software development kit used to create applications for the Android operating system. It works with an integrated development network (IDE) and can be downloaded as a bundle with many IDEs. Android applications are saved in the .APK format.

There are many different tools that come with the SDK starter package that are both useful and necessary for development. One important tool is android which allows you to create, delete, and view Android Virtual Devices (AVDs). It is also used to create new Android projects and make updates to them. While developing the layout of your application you can use the Hierarchy Viewer to monitor UI elements and then use layoutopt to optimize your layouts and layout hierarchies.

Android SDK also has tools for testing and debugging your application during development. It includes a mobile device emulator that lets you test mobile Android applications from your computer. To perform thorough stress tests it also has a tool called the Monkey that runs on your emulator or device and automates user events including clicks, touches, and swipes, and can perform system-level events as well. Android SDK also comes with a debugger called the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server which provides many different methods for you to work out issues with your app.

If you are interested in developing software for Android devices, Android SDK is a very necessary tool to have in your arsenal. Installation of the development kit is very customizable, allowing you to work with the bare-bones basic package or with as many extra tools as you desire.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.APK - Android Package File
Other file extensions used by Google Android SDK:

Updated: December 9, 2014

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