Half-Baked Hot Potatoes

Half-Baked Hot Potatoes
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1. Main Features

  • Create question-based quizzes, crossword puzzles, jumbled-sentence exercises, and more
  • Insert links, pictures, HTML tables, and media objects
  • Share exercises to the web, by email, or through print

2. Software Overview

Half-Baked Hot Potatoes is a suite of applications used to create interactive quizzes. It was originally created for purchase but was released as freeware in 2009 with version 6.3 when technical support ceased. It is available for Windows and will run on OS X and Linux through the Java Virtual Machine.

Hot Potatoes consists of six applications that allow you to created different types of interactive exercises:

  • JCloze - Creates gap-filled exercises
  • JQuiz - Creates question-based quizzes
  • JCross - Creates crossword puzzles
  • JMix - Creates jumbled-sentence exercises
  • JMatch - Creates matching or ordering exercises
  • Masher - Creates a complete unit from multiple exercises

The software allows you to insert pictures, links, HTML tables, and media objects into your exercises for more dynamic exercises than solely text. Once you have finished creating your exercise, Hot Potatoes allows you to export it as an .HTM file for sharing on the web, as a .ZIP package for sharing with others, and for printing to create a physical copy of the exercise.

Hot Potatoes is useful for any type of user, especially teachers, looking to create interactive exercises for free. The software allows you to create crossword puzzles, matching exercises, fill-in-the-blank questions, multiple answer quizzes, and more. And although it no longer features technical support, it is simple enough to use, which makes Half-Baked Hot Potatoes a reasonable option for creating interactive exercises.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.JQZ - JQuiz File
Other file extensions used by Half-Baked Hot Potatoes:
# File Extension Name
1 .JCL JCloze File
2 .JCW JCross File
3 .JMS Masher Project
4 .JMT JMatch File
5 .JMX JMix File
6 .JQZ JQuiz File

Updated: July 27, 2014

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