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1. Main Features

  • Support for a large variety of mesh and texture formats
  • Direct3D and OpenGL 3D rendering
  • Extensible material library
  • Extensive amount of special effects
  • High quality material and effect rendering capabilities

2. Software Overview

Irrlicht is an open source relative 3D engine. It is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, as wellXbox, iPhone, and Raspberry Pi through its open nature ports. It is written in the C++ language and also available for .NET languages.

Irrlicht supports a variety of formats including Maya, 3DStudio, and COLLADA mesh formats and PNG, BMP, and JPEG texture formats. Irrlicht provides a large amount of features that rival commercial 3D engines, which includes Direct3D and OpenGL 3D rendering. The engine comes with an extensible material library with support of pixel, geometry, and vertex shaders and a character animation system with morph and skeletal target animation.

Irrlicht provides an extensive amount of special effects, which includes dynamic lights, bump mapping, stencil buffer shadows, fog, and particle effects. Also, the engine features an active community of users that share help articles, code snippets, and other discussion items.

Irrlicht is used by a variety of developers that have created projects such as H-Craft Championship, Bolzplatz 2006, and Minetest. It provides support for many mesh and texture formats as well as a large amount of features for creating 3D scenes. Irrlicht is a powerful 3D engine that may not fully rival commercial engines such as Unity but is great choice for users looking for a free solution.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.IRR - Irrlicht 3D Scene
Other file extensions used by Irrlicht:

Updated: June 22, 2015

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