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1. Main Features

  • Bundled with useful office productivity programs for free
  • Provides many of the same functions as Microsoft Office
  • Offers compatibility with many different office-productivity files
  • Presents a clean user interface and easy to learn

2. Software Overview

LibreOffice is an open-source office suite, similar to Microsoft Office (even the application icon colors match), that allows you to create various types of documents. It descended from in 2010 and is closely related to Apache OpenOffice.

LibreOffice consists of the following applications:

  • Writer - A word processor
  • Calc - A spreadsheet application
  • Impress - A presentation creator
  • Draw - A vector graphics editor
  • Math - A mathematical equation creator
  • Base - A database management application

Once you begin creating a document, you’ll find that each application in the suite offers familiar features to the corresponding Microsoft Office application. For example, Writer documents are a substitute for Microsoft Word documents and provide many traditional styles and formatting options, such as fonts, text indentation, table insertion, and the format paintbrush. Calc, which is a substitute for Microsoft Excel, features a similar spreadsheet to Excel but is noticeably missing the macro functionality.

Impress is LibreOffice’s answer to Microsoft PowerPoint and is great for creating basic slide presentations. Draw is comparable to Microsoft Visio and Publisher and is a good option for creating diagrams, even presentations. Base is similar to Microsoft Access, with similar features, such as reports, SQL, and forms. And finally, LibreOffice’s Math application is a useful tool for creating formulas and incorporating them into other LibreOffice suite documents created by Writer and Calc.

While it doesn’t offer all of the same functions, LibreOffice is an attractive alternative to Microsoft Office. It is compatible with many office productivity formats, including Microsoft Office files, such as .DOCX and .XLSX. If you’re looking for a cost-effective (it is free but is open to donations) office suite solution, LibreOffice is a great option.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.ODT - OpenDocument Text Document
Other file extensions used by LibreOffice:
# File Extension Name
1 .602 Text602 Document
2 .CSV Comma Separated Values File
3 .DBF Database File
4 .DICT Dictionary File
5 .DOC Microsoft Word Document (Legacy)
6 .DOC# LibreOffice Document Lock File
7 .DOCX Microsoft Word Document
8 .DOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document
9 .DOTM Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document Template
10 .DOTX Word Open XML Document Template
11 .DOTX Microsoft Word Template
12 .FODP OpenDocument Flat XML Presentation
13 .FODS OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet
14 .FODT OpenDocument Flat XML Document
15 .JIF JPEG Interchange Format Image
16 .MAB Mozilla Address Book
17 .ODB OpenDocument Database
18 .ODF OpenDocument Formula
19 .ODG OpenDocument Graphic File
20 .ODM OpenDocument Master Document
21 .ODP OpenDocument Presentation
22 .ODS OpenDocument Spreadsheet
23 .ODT OpenDocument Text Document
24 .OTG OpenDocument Graphic Template
25 .OTP OpenDocument Presentation Template
26 .OTS OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
27 .OTT OpenDocument Document Template
28 .OXT Apache OpenOffice Extension
29 .PDF Portable Document Format File
30 .PDF-1 Renamed PDF File
31 .POTM Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
32 .PPTX PowerPoint Open XML Presentation
33 .PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
34 .PUB Publisher Document
35 .PWI Pocket Word Document
36 .SDC Apache OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet
37 .SDD StarOffice Presentation
38 .SDP StarOffice Presentation File
39 .SDW StarOffice Writer Text Document
40 .SLK Symbolic Link File
41 .SMF StarMath Formula File
42 .STC StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet Template
43 .STD Apache OpenOffice Drawing Template
44 .STI StarOffice Presentation Template
45 .STW StarOffice Document Template
46 .SVM StarView Metafile
47 .SXC StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet
48 .SXD StarOffice Drawing
49 .SXG Apache OpenOffice Master Document
50 .SXI StarOffice Impress Presentation
51 .SXM StarMath Formula
52 .SXW StarOffice Writer Document
53 .TSV Tab Separated Values File
54 .TXTRPT CommScope Teletilt Control System Report
55 .UOP Uniform Office Presentation
56 .UOS Uniform Office Spreadsheet
57 .UOT Uniform Office Document
58 .VSD Visio Drawing File
59 .VSDX Visio Drawing
60 .WDB Microsoft Works Database
61 .WPD WordPerfect Document
62 .WPS Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
63 .WRI Microsoft Write Document
64 .XLS Excel Spreadsheet
65 .XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (Legacy)
66 .XLSX Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
67 .XLSX Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
68 ._DOCX Renamed Microsoft Word Document

Updated: May 9, 2021

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