MAGIX Sound Forge Pro

MAGIX Sound Forge Pro
  • Company MAGIX
  • Version 13
  • Platforms
  • License Commercial
  • Category Audio
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1. Main Features

  • Allows you to record, edit, and analyze audio
  • Enables recording up to 32 simultaneous channels with high resolution audio
  • Provides a recording workflow with various capabilities
  • Includes the iZotope Mastering and Repair Suite

2. Software Overview

MAGIX Sound Forge Pro is an advanced audio waveform editor for Windows. It is used to record, edit, and analyze audio, as well as produce samples, digitize and restore old recordings, and design sound for video. Sound Forge Pro was previously developed by Sonic Foundry, which was acquired by Sony in May, 2003. Sound Forge Pro was then acquired by MAGIX in 2016.

Sound Forge Pro allows you to record up to 32 simultaneous channels with high resolution 64-bit/192 kHz audio. You can view your recording in a workflow that offers one-touch recording and the ability to monitor unarmed channels while recording, view your waveform as it is created, and review multiple recorded takes in the Undo/Redo History. The application includes iZotope's Mastering and Repair Suite, which provides tools for mastering, post-processing, and restoring and repairing your audio.

The application's extensibility includes support for the Nectar Elements vocal processing plugin. You can also transfer audio data between Sound Forge Pro and MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro for editing in each respective application.

Sound Forge Pro is used by professional artists, producers, and editors for audio post-production, sampling, mastering, and restoration. The audio editor provides multichannel and high resolution audio recordings, an intuitive workflow interface, and tools for editing audio. MAGIX Sound Forge Pro is a high quality application for working with high resolution audio.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.FRG - Sound Forge Pro Project File
Other file extensions used by MAGIX Sound Forge Pro:

Updated: June 6, 2019

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