Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel
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1. Main Features

  • Support for XLSX and XLS formats, and various other spreadsheet types
  • Basic and advanced data manipulation
  • Processing power for large data sets
  • Can import and export data in many different formats
  • Complex mathematical formula support
  • Advanced support for VBScript scripting
  • Large number of charts and functions

2. Software Overview

Microsoft Excel is a widely-used spreadsheet program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It provides a powerful feature set for organizing, manipulating, and visualizing data.

Excel workbooks are divided by tabbed worksheets, each of which can be edited independently. Each worksheet contains a two-dimensional grid of cells, which can be formatted in various ways. Excel includes basic features, such as data sorting and simple formula creation, as well as advanced capabilities, such as pivot table reports and VBScript macro scripting. It also provides document security and password protection for data within a workbook. Newer versions of Excel save workbooks in the Office Open XML (OOXML) .XLSX format, while older versions use the proprietary .XLS format.

Excel has many tools that help quickly analyze data. From data import features to automatic sorting, filtering, and pivot tables, users can take large external data sets and gather analyses quickly. The extensive set of mathematical functions also gives the ability to manipulate data and compute results. Excel provides thousands of online templates available for download within the user interface. This gives users many different options for out-of-the-box styling, formatting, and mathematical computation, allowing them to focus on the data rather than extensive amounts of time on presentation. For example, financial templates can be downloaded by home or business users for tracking income, expenses, and transactions, as well as for automatically generating summary graphs.

The spreadsheet application also provides rich tools for visualizing data. Excel supports simple chart types such as bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, and scatter plots, as well as more complex ones for more in-depth analysis. These charts can be styled with a variety of visual options.

Microsoft Excel is a great program for your data management needs. Whether you are using it for personal, academic, or professional purposes, you will appreciate Excel’s ability to quickly organize and manipulate data to perform statistical analyses and create visualizations. These reasons among others are what make Excel an industry-standard application.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.XLSX - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
Other file extensions used by Microsoft Excel:
# File Extension Name
1 .123 Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
2 .ATF Axon Text File
3 .ATOMSVC Atom Service Document
4 .AW Answer Wizard File
5 .BKS Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Backup File
6 .CRTX Office 2007 Chart Template File
7 .CSV Comma Separated Values File
8 .CUB Analysis Services Cube File
9 .CVR Microsoft Crash Report File
10 .DATA Analysis Studio Offline Data File
11 .DBF Database File
12 .DEL Delimited ASCII File
13 .DICPROOF Microsoft Dictionary Proofing File
14 .DIF Data Interchange Format
15 .DQY Microsoft Excel Query
16 .DQY Excel Query File
17 .EDI Electronic Data Interchange File
18 .EFTX Office 2007 Theme Effect File
19 .EXD Control Information Cache File
20 .FM3 Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Format File
21 .GAL GenePix Array List File
22 .GCSX Microsoft Office SmartArt Color File
23 .GLOX Microsoft Office SmartArt Graphics Layout File
24 .GPR GenePix Results File
25 .GQSX Microsoft Office SmartArt Styles File
26 .GRA Microsoft Graph File
27 .GRAPHML GraphML File
28 .IIF Intuit Interchange Format File
29 .IQY Internet Query
30 .MTF Mortality Table File
31 .NC NetCDF File
32 .ODC Office Data Connection File
33 .ODS OpenDocument Spreadsheet
34 .OLB OLE Object Library
35 .OQY Microsoft Excel OLAP Query
36 .OQY Excel OLAP Query File
37 .PDE ProntoDoc for Excel Document Template
38 .PDER ProntoDoc for Excel Conventional Document
39 .PIP Office Personalized Settings File
40 .PRN Lotus 1-2-3 Formatted Text File
41 .PSV Pipe Separated Values File
42 .RDF Report Definition File
43 .RELS Open Office XML Relationships File
44 .SHS Microsoft Scrap File
45 .SKV Semicolon Separated Values File
46 .SLK Symbolic Link File
47 .SYLK Microsoft Symbolic Link File
48 .TAB Tab Separated Data File
49 .TDL Tab Delineated Format File
50 .THMX Office 2007 Theme File
51 .TLB OLE Type Library
52 .TSV Tab Separated Values File
53 .UDCX Universal Data Connection File
54 .UDF Excel User Defined Function
55 .UDF Microsoft Excel User-defined Function
56 .WB2 Corel Quattro Pro File
57 .WB3 Corel Quattro Pro 7 and 8 File
58 .WK5 Lotus 5 Worksheet
59 .WKI Lotus 2 Worksheet
60 .XAR Microsoft Excel Auto-Recovery File
61 .XAR Excel Auto-Recovery File
62 .XLAM Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Add-In
63 .XLAM Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Add-In
64 .XLB Excel Toolbars File
65 .XLB Microsoft Excel Toolbar Settings File
66 .XLD Microsoft Excel Database
67 .XLD Excel Database File
68 .XLK Microsoft Excel Backup File
69 .XLK Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Backup File
70 .XLK Excel Backup File
71 .XLL Microsoft Excel Add-In File
72 .XLL Microsoft Excel Add-In
73 .XLL Excel Add-In File
74 .XLM Excel Macro
75 .XLM Microsoft Excel Macro
76 .XLR Works Spreadsheet
77 .XLS Excel Spreadsheet
78 .XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (Legacy)
79 .XLSB Microsoft Excel Binary Spreadsheet
80 .XLSB Excel Binary Spreadsheet
81 .XLSHTML Microsoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet
82 .XLSM Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
83 .XLSM Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
84 .XLSMHTML Microsoft Excel MIME HTML Spreadsheet
85 .XLSX Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
86 .XLSX Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
87 .XLT Excel Template
88 .XLT Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template (Legacy)
89 .XLTHTML Microsoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet Template
90 .XLTM Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template
91 .XLTM Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template
92 .XLTX Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template
93 .XLTX Excel Open XML Spreadsheet Template
94 .XLV Microsoft Excel Visual Basic Module
95 .XLV Excel Visual Basic Module
96 .XLW Microsoft Excel Workspace
97 .XLW Microsoft Excel Workbook
98 .XLW Excel Workspace File

Updated: September 29, 2020

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