Microsoft Notepad

Microsoft Notepad
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1. Main Features

  • Provides a simple, bare bones text editing interface
  • Opens any file that is stored in plain text
  • Detects textual encoding

2. Software Overview

Microsoft Notepad is a simple text editor included with Microsoft Windows. While the program is limited in features, it is still useful in various contexts for viewing and editing plain text files.

Because Notepad is a plain text editor, it only provides basic formatting features. You won’t get the same features that a word processor like Microsoft Word offers, such as graphics or page formatting support. However, you can still word wrap your text and choose the font, style, size, and script. Notepad supports different text encoding modes including Unicode, UTF-8, big-endian Unicode, and ANSI.

Nobody will try to boast about Notepad's text editing features. Yet, the program is still useful in many contexts, such as when taking notes, when viewing text files, and when making edits to source code files. For these reasons, Notepad is a popularly-used text editor.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.TXT - Plain Text File
Other file extensions used by Microsoft Notepad:
# File Extension Name
1 .0 Incomplete Mario Kart Wii Course
2 .1ST Readme File
3 .A Static Library
4 .A8S Anim8or Script
5 .AAE Sidecar Image Edit File
6 .ADOC AsciiDoc Document
7 .ANS ANSI Text File
8 .APPODEAL Appodeal Text File
9 .ARENA Quake 3 Engine Arena File
10 .AS ActionScript File
11 .ASA ASP Configuration File
12 .ASL LiveSplit Auto Splitter Script
13 .ASM Assembly Language Source Code File
14 .ATT Web Form Post Data File
15 .AVS AviSynth Script File
16 .BACKUPINFO AromaBackup Metadata
17 .BBZ BerryBuzz Backup File
18 .BCS Boland Calibration Settings File
19 .BF Brainf*ck Source Code File
20 .BMK Nokia Device Bookmark File
21 .BOOK Budget In Brief Book File
22 .BPW Bitmap World File
23 .BS Baldur's Gate Player Character Script
24 .BSD BSDL File
25 .BSDL Boundary Scan Description Language File
26 .BSH BeanShell Script
27 .CEL Celestia Script File
28 .CELX Celestia Script
29 .CFG Cal3D Model Configuration File
30 .CFG Wesnoth Markup Language File
31 .CGI Common Gateway Interface Script
32 .CHART Guitar Rhythm Chart File
33 .CHT Windows Chinese Traditional Noise-Word List File
34 .CIR Micro-Cap Schematic
35 .CJS CommonJS Code File
36 .CMD Windows Command File
37 .COMPRESSED WordCompress Compacted Web File
38 .COMPRESSED WordCompress Compacted Webpage
39 .CONF Generic Configuration File
40 .CONFIG Configuration File
41 .COT Coyote Source Code
42 .COT Coyote Source Code File
43 .CPQ Compaq OEM Disc Configuration File
44 .CPR Windows Phone Display Settings File
45 .CSH C Shell Script
46 .CSV Comma Separated Values File
47 .CU CUDA Source Code File
48 .CUS AutoCAD Custom Dictionary File
49 .CWC Coding with Chrome JavaScript File
50 .DAT Nintendo Wii DAT File
51 .DBA DarkBASIC Source Code File
52 .DCF Dyalog Component File
53 .DDF Diamond Directive File
54 .DEL Delimited ASCII File
55 .DIF Data Interchange Format
56 .DITAVAL DITA Conditions File
57 .DIZ Description in Zip File
58 .DS DAZ Studio 1/2 Script
59 .DSC Text Description File
60 .DTD Document Type Definition File
61 .DTS Device Tree Source File
62 .DXL Domino XML Language File
63 .DXL Rational DOORS Script
64 .DXO DesignXOver File
65 .DXO DesignXOver Speaker Circuit Design File
66 .EAL Kindle End Actions File
67 .EBACMD EBA Command Center Data File
68 .EBACMD EBA Command Center Command
69 .EBAIMPORT EBA Command Center Importable
70 .EET ESP/ESM Translator Database
71 .EMBR Spatial Geodatabase File
72 .ERB Ruby ERB Script
73 .ERL Erlang Source Code File
74 .ERR Error Log File
75 .EX Euphoria Source Code
76 .EXW Euphoria Source code File
77 .FFD SharePoint FFDDumper Log
78 .FLATPAKREPO Linux Flatpak Repository
79 .FOUNTAIN Fountain Script File
80 .FRM Visual Basic Text Form
81 .FZB Fritzing Bin File
82 .FZP Fritzing XML Part Description
83 .GALAXY Blizzard Galaxy File
84 .GFW GIF World File
85 .GM GameMonkey Script
86 .GSD General Station Description File
87 .GTABLE Google Fusion Table Shortcut
88 .GW GeneWeb Source File
89 .HAML Haml Source Code File
90 .HPS HPL Script
91 .HRL Erlang Header File
92 .HTML Hypertext Markup Language File
94 .I6 Inform 6 Source Code File
95 .ICF Zoom Router Configuration File
96 .IIF Intuit Interchange Format File
97 .INF Setup Information File
98 .INFO Generic Information File
99 .INI Windows Initialization File
100 .ION File Description File
101 .IQY Internet Query
102 .ISS Inno Setup Script
103 .JAV Java Source File
104 .JAVA Java Source Code File
105 .JDAT J&ASoft Data File
106 .JPN Windows Japanese Noise-Word List File
107 .JRTF JAmes OS Rich Text File
108 .JSON JavaScript Object Notation File
109 .JSONL JSON Lines File
110 .JSX React JavaScript File
111 .KDS KD Player Skin File
112 .KOR Windows Korean Noise-Words List File
113 .KTR Keter Source Code File
114 .LD Linker Script
115 .LDF Lingoes Dictionary Source File
116 .LEGAL DaveTech Legal Document
117 .LEMON Sonic 3 A.I.R. Script
118 .LIN Bridge Base Online Hands File
119 .LIST JAR Index File
120 .LNG Language Application Support File
121 .LNK42 Windows 93 Desktop Shortcut
122 .LOG Log File
123 .LST Data List
124 .LUA Lua Source File
125 .M Mercury Source Code File
126 .M Mathematica Input File
127 .MAF Mutation Annotation Format File
128 .MAN Unix Manual
129 .MANIFEST Windows Application Manifest File
130 .MAP Quake Engine Map File
131 .MC Molecular Constructor Molecule
132 .MC Molecular Constructor Molecule File
133 .MCMETA Minecraft Animation File
134 .MD Machine Description File
135 .MDBACKUP iPhone Data Backup File
136 .MDINFO iPhone Backup Information File
137 .MDL Warcraft 3 3D Model Text File
138 .MDOWN Markdown File
139 .MDX MDX Source Code File
140 .ME Readme Text File
141 .MENU Quake 3 Engine Menu File
142 .MIS Marble Blast Mission File
143 .MISSION Vega Strike Mission File
144 .MKD Markdown Documentation File
145 .MMMACRO Mini Mouse Macro File
146 .MNU AutoCAD Interface Layout File
147 .MNU TomTom Menu File
148 .MOF Managed Object Format File
149 .MPD MPEG-DASH Media Presentation Description
150 .MPS Mathematical Programming System File
151 .MSC Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
152 .MSG Fallout Message File
153 .MSHA Microsoft Help Asset File
154 .MWPS Need for Speed: Most Wanted Car Attributes File
155 .MXML Flex MXML Component
156 .NAMES Data Set Description File
157 .NDJSON Newline Delimited JSON File
158 .NET Dynagen Network Topology File
159 .NFO Warez Information File
160 .NML NewGRF Meta Language File
161 .NSNAKE nSnake Level File
162 .OCR FAXGrapper Fax Text File
163 .ODF Battlezone Object Definition File
164 .ORG Emacs Org Text Document
165 .OSU Osu! Script
166 .OUT Output File
167 .OZOCODE Ozobot Program
168 .P6 Perl 6 Source Code File
169 .PER Age of Empires Personality File
170 .PGP AutoCAD Program Parameters File
171 .PHL Kindle Popular Highlights File
172 .PL Perl Script
173 .PLIST Mac OS X Property List File
174 .PLOTDOC Plotagon Project File
175 .PLR rFactor Player File
176 .PMXML Primavera XML Project File
177 .PP Pocket Physics Sketch File
178 .PROPERTIES Minecraft Properties File
179 .PROPERTIES Java Properties File
180 .PROTOTXT Prototype Caffe Model
181 .PRT Valve Source Portal File
182 .PS1 Windows PowerShell Cmdlet File
183 .PYM PYM Macro Preprocessor File
184 .QBL QuickBooks License File
185 .QC QuakeC Source Code File
186 .QC Half-Life Model Compiler Script
187 .QSS Qt Style Sheet
188 .RASI Rofi Configuration File
189 .RB Rosebud Profile
190 .RED Red Source Code File
191 .REDS Red/System Source Code File
192 .REFERENCE Budget In Brief Reference File
193 .REQ Canon SD Card Version Request File
194 .RPMNEW Red Hat Package New Default Configuration
195 .RPMSAVE Red Hat Package Saved Configuration
196 .RPT Generic Report
197 .RPY Python Script
198 .RST reStructuredText File
199 .RTX Rich Text Document
200 .S Source Code File
201 .S2ML StarCraft 2 Map Localization File
202 .S2QH StarCraft 2 Localization Header File
203 .S2QL StarCraft 2 Unit Localization File
204 .SAM SAM Studio Project
205 .SB Small Basic Source Code File
206 .SBV YouTube Captions File
207 .SC2LOCALE Blizzard StarCraft 2 Localization File
208 .SCT Windows Scriptlet
209 .SHA1 SHA-1 Hash File
210 .SHA512 SHA 512 Hash File
211 .SHADER Quake 3 Engine Shader File
212 .SHTM HTML Server Side Include File
213 .SIF Windows Setup Information File
214 .SK Skript File
215 .SLST Game Data File
216 .SMD Valve Studiomdl Data File
217 .SMT Autodesk Shape Manager Text File
218 .SOUNDS Quake 3 Engine Sound Definition File
219 .SPS Quake 3 Engine Speaker Definition File
220 .SQL Structured Query Language Data File
221 .SRC Source Code
222 .SSC Celestia Solar System Catalog File
223 .STC Siemens Theme File
224 .SUA Special Use Airspace File
225 .SVELTE Svelte Source Code File
226 .SYSTEM Vega Strike Virtual System File
227 .TAK TAK 2000 Thermal Model File
228 .TET Godot Engine Script Editor Theme
229 .THA Windows Thai Noise-Words List File
230 .TLINE TimelineOnline Data File
231 .TOML TOML Configuration File
232 .TRASHINFO Linux Trash Metadata File
233 .TRG TriggerReactor Script
234 .TRI Triangle Mesh File
235 .TSV Tab Separated Values File
236 .TXT Plain Text File
237 .URCL URCL Assembly Source Code File
238 .URL Internet Shortcut
239 .UT8 Ghost Master Language File
240 .UTF8 Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document
241 .VCF Variant Call Format File
242 .VDF Valve Data File
243 .VDM VEDIT Macro File
244 .VNT Mobile Phone vNote File
245 .VPP V++ Script
246 .WEAP Quake 3 Engine Weapon File
247 .WSC Windows Script Component
248 .WTX Text Document
249 .XDR XML-Data Reduced File
250 .XFDL XFDL File
251 .XSLT XSL Transformation File
252 .XSS XML Style Sheet
253 .YML YAML Document
254 .ZAP Zero Administration Package File
255 .ZSH-THEME Oh My Zsh Theme

Updated: March 19, 2019

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