Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows
  • Company Microsoft
  • Version 10
  • Platforms
  • License Commercial
  • Category System
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1. Main Features

  • Runs on standard x86 hardware
  • Includes a desktop that allows you to view files and folders in different windows
  • Suitable for both home and professional use
  • Provides a personal digital assistant named Cortana
  • Enables you to write on webpages and read articles without ads with Microsoft Edge
  • Allows you to browse and download apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows through the Windows Store

2. Software Overview

Microsoft Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft. Each version includes a graphical user interface, with a desktop that enables you to view files and folders in different windows. Competitors to Windows include Apple's macOS platform and Linux-based operating systems such as Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

Windows is included with many computer purchases, including those from Dell, Sony, HP, Lenovo, and other manufacturers. Users of home-built PCs also commonly install Windows as opposed to other operating systems. Microsoft added support for touchscreen devices with Windows 7, and therefore the software is now run on many tablets as well.

The release of Windows 10 introduced Cortana, a virtual assistant along the lines of Apple's Siri that is designed to help you find files, manage your calendar, and perform other tasks. Cortana is integrated with Edge, Windows' default web browser, which replaced Internet Explorer. The browser comes with familiar browsing tools along with unique features such as Web Notes and Reading view. Another new application introduced in Windows 10 is Groove Music, the new default music player for Windows.

Microsoft Windows is the most commonly used operating system for personal and corporate computers. It is compatible with a wide array of hardware specifications and has the largest community of software developers for both personal and productivity software. The operating system is suitable for both home and professional users.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.EXE - Windows Executable File
Other file extensions used by Microsoft Windows:
# File Extension Name
1 .000 Indexing Service Data File
2 .ACCOUNTPICTURE-MS Windows 8 Account Picture File
3 .AOS ARCHOS PCtablet Firmware File
4 .ATM PSP Game Audio File
5 .BAT DOS Batch File
6 .BIN Generic Binary Executable File
7 .BK1 Windows Indexing Service File
8 .BK2 Windows Indexing Service Data File
9 .BUD Binary Printer Description File
10 .CDMP WCS Device Model Profile
11 .CHS Windows Chinese Noise-Word List File
12 .CHT Windows Chinese Traditional Noise-Word List File
13 .CI Windows Content Indexer Catalog File
14 .CLG Windows Catalog File
15 .CMD Windows Command File
16 .COM DOS Command File
17 .CPI Codepage Information File
18 .CPL Windows Control Panel Item
19 .CUR Windows Cursor
20 .CUSTOMDESTINATIONS-MS Windows Jump List File
21 .DB Windows Thumbnail Cache
22 .DESKLINK Desktop Shortcut
23 .DEV Windows Device Driver File
24 .DEVICEMETADATA-MS Device Metadata Package
25 .DICT Dictionary File
26 .DLL Dynamic Link Library
27 .DRV Device Driver
28 .EBD Windows EBD System File
29 .EDAT Sony Encrypted Data File
30 .EDB Windows Search Index Database
31 .EXE Windows Executable File
32 .EX_ Renamed Windows Executable File
33 .E_E Renamed EXE File
34 .FID Microsoft Catalog Indexing Service File
35 .FNT Windows Font File
36 .FOT Font Resource File
37 .FX ReadyBoot Trace File
38 .GMMP WCS Gamut Map Model Profile
39 .GPD Generic Printer Description File
40 .HSH Windows Catalog Search Index File
41 .HVE Windows Registry Hive File
42 .ICL Windows Icon Library File
43 .IME Windows Input Method Editor File
44 .INF Setup Information File
45 .INF_LOC Windows Driver Information Cache File
46 .INI Windows Initialization File
47 .INS Internet Settings File
48 .ITEMDATA-MS Windows 8 Start Screen Item Data File
49 .ITS Internet Document Set
50 .JPN Windows Japanese Noise-Word List File
51 .KOR Windows Korean Noise-Words List File
52 .LCN License File
53 .LIBRARY-MS Windows Library Description File
54 .LNK Windows Shortcut
55 .MAPIMAIL Send To Mail Recipient
56 .MLC Microsoft Language Interface Pack
57 .MYDOCS Send To My Documents
58 .NLS Microsoft National Language Support File
59 .NT Windows NT Startup File
60 .OEM OEM Setup File
61 .OSDX Search Connector Description File
62 .PBK Dial-Up Phone Book File
63 .PIF Program Information File
64 .PS1 Microsoft Indexing Service Data File
65 .PS2 Microsoft Search Catalog Index File
66 .QDS Windows Directory Query File
67 .RS Windows Rating System File
68 .SCF Windows Explorer Command
69 .SCR Windows Screensaver
70 .SEARCH-MS Windows Saved Search File
71 .SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS Windows Search Connector File
72 .SEC GuinXell Video File
73 .SETTINGCONTENT-MS Windows Settings File
74 .SFB PlayStation 3 Disc Data File
75 .SFCACHE ReadyBoost Cache File
76 .SFX Windows Self-Extracting Archive
77 .SHD Windows Print Job Shadow File
78 .SLUPKG-MS XrML Digital License Package
79 .SP3 Windows XP SP3 CD File
80 .SPL Windows Print Spool File
81 .SQM Service Quality Monitoring File
82 .SWP Swap File
83 .SYS Windows System File
84 .THA Windows Thai Noise-Words List File
85 .THEME Microsoft Plus! Desktop Theme
86 .TRX_DLL Windows Startup File
87 .UCE Windows UCE System File
88 .USERTILE-MS Windows 8 User Tile File
89 .VHDX Windows 8 Virtual Hard Drive File
90 .VXD Virtual Device Driver
91 .VX_ Compressed Virtual Device Driver File
92 .WEBPNP Web Point and Print File
93 .WPK GuinXell Package File
94 .XRM-MS Microsoft Security Certificate
95 .ZFSENDTOTARGET Compressed Folder
96 .ZONE.IDENTIFIER Windows Zone Identifier File
97 ._SYS.LFO Adware File

Updated: April 17, 2021

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