Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word
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1. Main Features

  • Support for DOCX and DOC formats, and various other document types
  • Customized application workspace toolbar layouts
  • Document templating and custom page formatting
  • Real-time co-authoring in Word
  • Integrated graphics drawing and image manipulation
  • Mail merge document generation and database integration
  • Advanced macro scripting support

2. Software Overview

Microsoft Word is an industry-standard word processing program included in the Microsoft Office suite along with Excel and PowerPoint. It is used for authoring documents for personal and business use, such as letters, resumes, invitations, brochures, newsletters, and posters.

Word includes basic page and text formatting capabilities and offers several advanced features, such as mail merge, change tracking, document merging, and macro scripting. The word processor saves documents in the Office Open XML .DOCX format, by default. The program may also save documents in the proprietary .DOC format, which was commonly used by earlier versions of Word. The application also provides support for embedded online pictures and videos, enabling rich content within documents.

The Word user interface streamlines the process of creating new documents from document templates. The word processor includes thousands of downloadable online document templates, which serve as a starting point for creating new documents. Templates are available for several types of documents, including business forms, labels, envelopes, menus, newsletters, planners, and home and educational documents. Custom templates (which are saved .DOT and .DOTX files) can also be created for company letterheads and other types of documents that require a consistent look and feel.

Once you select a template (or blank document), you have a myriad of ribbon-style toolbars and other options available for authoring and styling documents. Word provides collaborative editing and review tools for teams. Collaborators can edit the same document in real-time or add comments. The word processor also keeps a history of changes, which is useful when multiple users are working on a single document. Also, the commenting and reply system allows teams to have short discussions of document content.

If you have ever created a document in school or at work, you most likely have used Microsoft Word. It is an industry-standard word processor for creating book reports, academic publications, business documents, recipes, and more. Its support of popular formats and wide usage make Microsoft Word the best choice for all of your word processing needs.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.DOCX - Microsoft Word Document
Other file extensions used by Microsoft Word:
# File Extension Name
1 .$$$ Temporary File
2 .ASD Microsoft Word AutoSave File
3 .ASD Word AutoSave File
4 .AW Answer Wizard File
5 .BPS Works Document Backup
6 .CRTX Office 2007 Chart Template File
7 .CVR Microsoft Crash Report File
8 .DICPROOF Microsoft Dictionary Proofing File
9 .DICT Dictionary File
10 .DOC WordPad Document
11 .DOC Microsoft Word Document (Legacy)
12 .DOCHTML Microsoft Word HTML Document
13 .DOCM Microsoft Word Macro-enabled Document
14 .DOCM Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
15 .DOCMHTML Microsoft Word MIME HTML Document
16 .DOCX Microsoft Word Document
17 .DOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document
18 .DOCXML Microsoft Word XML Document
19 .DOT Word Document Template
20 .DOT Microsoft Word Document Template (Legacy)
21 .DOTHTML Microsoft Word HTML Document Template
22 .DOTM Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document Template
23 .DOTM Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
24 .DOTX Microsoft Word Template
25 .DOTX Word Open XML Document Template
26 .EDRWX XPS Drawing Document
27 .EFTX Office 2007 Theme Effect File
28 .EXD Control Information Cache File
29 .GCSX Microsoft Office SmartArt Color File
30 .GLOX Microsoft Office SmartArt Graphics Layout File
31 .GLY Word Glossary File
32 .GLY Microsoft Word Glossary File
33 .GQSX Microsoft Office SmartArt Styles File
34 .GRA Microsoft Graph File
35 .MHT MHTML Web Archive
37 .NAMES Data Set Description File
38 .ODT OpenDocument Text Document
39 .OLB OLE Object Library
40 .OLK Outlook Address Book File
41 .OTM Outlook Macro File
42 .OXPS OpenXPS File
43 .PDF Portable Document Format File
44 .PDF-1 Renamed PDF File
45 .PDH ProntoDoc for Word Browser Display Document Template
46 .PDM ProntoDoc for Word Mobile Display Document Template
47 .PDR ProntoDoc for Word Recovered Document
48 .PDW ProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document Template
49 .PDWR ProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document
50 .PDZ ProntoDoc for Word Structured Text Document Template
51 .PIP Office Personalized Settings File
52 .PWI Pocket Word Document
53 .PWT Pocket Word Template
54 .QUID QuidProQuo Document
55 .RELS Open Office XML Relationships File
56 .RTF Rich Text Format File
57 .SAM Ami Pro Document
58 .SDOC Sealed Word Document
59 .SHS Microsoft Scrap File
60 .THMX Office 2007 Theme File
61 .TXT Plain Text File
62 .TXTRPT CommScope Teletilt Control System Report
63 .UTF8 Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document
64 .VML Vector Markup Language File
65 .VSSX Visio Stencil File
66 .WBK Microsoft Word Document Backup File
67 .WBK Word Document Backup
68 .WBK Microsoft Word Document Backup
69 .WIZ Microsoft Wizard File
70 .WLL Microsoft Word Add-in
71 .WLL Microsoft Word Add-in File
72 .WPC WordPad Converter File
73 .WPD WordPerfect Document
74 .WPF WordPerfect Form
75 ._DOCX Renamed Microsoft Word Document

Updated: November 2, 2020

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