Microsoft WordPad

Microsoft WordPad
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1. Main Features

  • Provides a ribbon interface similar to Microsoft Word
  • Allows rich formatting and graphics insertion
  • Supports the Office Open XML format

2. Software Overview

Microsoft WordPad is a text editor bundled with Microsoft Windows. It is similar to Microsoft Word but does not offer as many capabilities. However, it offers many more features than Microsoft Notepad, which is another text editor bundled with Windows.

WordPad allows you to create and edit text documents. The program enables rich formatting where you can customize how the text is arranged, choose different fonts, set line spacing, and more. The text editor also enables you to link or embed objects, such as pictures or Microsoft Paint drawings into the document. It offers several convenient features, such as the ability to quickly send your document in an email. Another helpful feature is that WordPad supports the Office Open XML .DOCX format.

Microsoft WordPad is ideal for working with documents that don’t require heavy graphics usage, such as note taking. It is more powerful than Notepad but comes nowhere near Microsoft Word. Despite its lack of power the text editor will still come in handy for Microsoft Windows users.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.TXT - Plain Text File
Other file extensions used by Microsoft WordPad:
# File Extension Name
1 .CMD Windows Command File
2 .CONF Generic Configuration File
3 .CONFIG Configuration File
4 .CSV Comma Separated Values File
5 .CUS AutoCAD Custom Dictionary File
6 .DDF Diamond Directive File
7 .DOC Microsoft Word Document (Legacy)
8 .DOC WordPad Document
9 .DOCX Microsoft Word Document
10 .EMBR Spatial Geodatabase File
11 .EXW Euphoria Source code File
12 .INFO Generic Information File
13 .INI Windows Initialization File
14 .JRTF JAmes OS Rich Text File
15 .JSON JavaScript Object Notation File
16 .LD Linker Script
17 .LIN Bridge Base Online Hands File
18 .LST Data List
19 .MAF Mutation Annotation Format File
20 .MAN Unix Manual
21 .ME Readme Text File
22 .MENU Quake 3 Engine Menu File
23 .MKD Markdown Documentation File
24 .MNU AutoCAD Interface Layout File
25 .MNU TomTom Menu File
26 .MSG Fallout Message File
27 .NAMES Data Set Description File
28 .ODF Battlezone Object Definition File
29 .OUT Output File
30 .PGP AutoCAD Program Parameters File
31 .QUID QuidProQuo Document
32 .RST reStructuredText File
33 .RTF Rich Text Format File
34 .RTX Rich Text Document
35 .S2QH StarCraft 2 Localization Header File
36 .SBV YouTube Captions File
37 .SC2LOCALE Blizzard StarCraft 2 Localization File
38 .SHADER Quake 3 Engine Shader File
39 .SK Skript File
40 .SOUNDS Quake 3 Engine Sound Definition File
41 .TOML TOML Configuration File
42 .TXT Plain Text File
43 .UTF8 Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document
44 .WEAP Quake 3 Engine Weapon File
45 .WPC WordPad Converter File
46 .WTX Text Document

Updated: June 26, 2017

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