MIT Scratch

MIT Scratch
  • Company MIT
  • Version 3
  • Platforms
  • License Freeware
  • Category Programming
4.0 / 5 (130 votes)

1. Main Features

  • Create stories, games, and animations
  • Animate sprites, which include animals, people, planets, and spaceships
  • Apply scripts, such as motions, events, and looks
  • Customize costumes and sounds
  • Share your project with a large online community

2. Software Overview

MIT Scratch is an online tool used to create stories, games, and animations. The program is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab.

Scratch provides a large library of sprites, which includes people, animals, cartoons, spaceships, planets, and instruments, that you can insert into your project. You can then choose from a variety of scripts, such as motion, looks, sound, events, and control, to apply to your sprite(s). Scratch also enables you to create your own costumes, sounds, and backdrops for customizing your project. Once you are finished, you can share your project with Scratch's large and diverse online community.

Scratch is a popular tool used in homes, schools, museums, and community centers to create simulations of experiments, animated presentations or stories, and interactive music. It is simple and easy-to-use while still providing a wide variety of sprites and scripts and tools to customize your project. MIT Scratch is a fun tool for creating animations and interactive games.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.SB3 - Scratch 3.0 Project File
Other file extensions used by MIT Scratch:

Updated: December 8, 2019

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