MKDS Course Modifier

MKDS Course Modifier
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1. Main Features

  • Supports a variety of NDS files, such as .BMG, .NARC, and .NSBCA
  • Allows you to edit how the karts interact with physical aspects of the course
  • Enables you to change character spawning points

2. Software Overview

MKDS Course Modifier is a utility used to view and edit Nintendo DS (NDS) Mario Kart files. The tool was created by Gericom.

The program enables you to open and modify the .NARC, .BMG, .BTI, .NSBCA, .SPA, and .NKM file types along with other NDS files. The utility uses code from various tools including the NSMB Editor, NFTR Edit, and SM64DS Edit. Through the implemented code, MKDS Course Modifier allows you to edit different game aspects such as how the karts interact with physical aspects of the course, change spawning points, and alter camera positions.

MKDS Course Modifier is a useful tool for NDS Mario Kart enthusiasts. The utility supports a variety of NDS file types and enables you to modify many different aspects of the Mario Kart game. It helps that there aren't many options for a versatile program like MKDS Course Modifier, but you should give it a try if you want to modify your Mario Kart gameplay.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.NARC - Nintendo DS Archive File
Other file extensions used by MKDS Course Modifier:

Updated: June 21, 2015

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