• Company Nestopia
  • Version 1
  • Platforms
  • License Open Source
  • Category Gaming
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1. Main Features

  • Supports NES and FDS game ROMs
  • Saves game progress with the NS1 extension
  • Allows you to configure many aspects of the emulator

2. Software Overview

Nestopia is an open source Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator. It was originally developed by Martin Freij for Windows and then ported to OS X and Linux by Richard Bannister and R. Belmont.

The program supports the .NES and .FDS game ROMs, which allow you to emulate a large variety of NES games such as The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and Castlevania. You can create save states with the .NS1 extension to instantly save your game progress without having to reach a checkpoint. The emulator also comes with a ton of options to configure your video performance, sound, gameplay timing, screen size, game cheats, and other preferences.

Nestopia is used by gamers who love want to replay their NES favorites. Along with its support for a large amount of NES games, the emulator comes with many options configure your gameplay. Nestopia, along with Snes9x, is one of the best NES emulators available.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.NES - Nintendo (NES) ROM File
Other file extensions used by Nestopia:

Updated: July 21, 2018

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