Nullsoft Winamp

Nullsoft Winamp
  • Company Nullsoft
  • Version 5
  • Platforms
  • License Freeware
  • Category Audio
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1. Main Features

  • Supports a large number of audio and video formats
  • Manages multimedia content in a single integrated library
  • Customizable user interface with skins
  • Supports user-developed plug-ins
  • Online browsing and shopping features

2. Software Overview

Nullsoft Winamp is a media player that plays audio, video, and other multimedia content. The software supports many audio and video file formats, and provides tools for organizing music and video files into playlists and searchable libraries.

Winamp includes the following components for playing, organizing, burning, and synchronizing media:

  • Main Window: The default view for playing music; provides access to all Winamp features.
  • Playlist Editor: Allows users to create and manage lists of songs.
  • Media Library: Organizes all multimedia into one location; supports CD ripping and burning, podcast subscriptions, and online shopping; can synchronize audio and video files with portable media players.
  • Browser: Allows users to browse the Web, listen to audio blogs, and search for application skins and plugins.
  • Video: Supports video playback in window or full screen mode; provides access to Internet TV stations.
  • Visualizations: Displays animated graphics that are synchronized with playing music.
  • Equalizer: Supports equalization (EQ) presets, crossfades, and other playback settings.
Additional features can be added to Winamp using plug-ins. For example, plug-ins may provide tempo and pitch control, extra audio output settings, or support for additional file formats. Many plug-ins can be downloaded from the Winamp website.

If you are looking for a media player for home use, Winamp may be the answer. It provides many of the standard features included with most media players while also allowing you to customize it. You can use the Winamp SDK, which is provided by Nullsoft, to contribute plug-ins that add useful features to the software. If you are looking for a substitute to Microsoft Windows Media Player or Apple iTunes, check out the customizable Nullsoft Winamp media player.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.MP3 - MP3 Audio File
Other file extensions used by Nullsoft Winamp:
# File Extension Name
1 .2SF Nintendo DS Sound File
2 .2SFLIB Nintendo DS Audio Library File
3 .669 UNIS Composer 669 Module
4 .A2M Adlib Tracker II File
5 .A2T Adlib Tracker II Tiny Module File
6 .AAC Advanced Audio Coding File
7 .AC3 Audio Codec 3 File
8 .ACELIVE Acelive Broadcast File
9 .ACM Interplay Audio File
10 .AHX WinAHX Tracker Module
11 .AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
12 .AMF Advanced Module File
13 .APE Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File
14 .APE AVS Plugin Effects File
15 .APL Monkey's Audio Track Information File
16 .ASF Advanced Systems Format File
17 .ASX Microsoft ASF Redirector File
18 .AU Audio File
19 .AVI Audio Video Interleave File
20 .AVS AVS Preset File
21 .B4S Winamp Playlist File
22 .CDA CD Audio Track Shortcut
23 .CDG Compact Disc Plus Graphics Image
24 .CMF Creative Music Format
25 .D01 OPL2 FM Audio File
26 .DSM Digital Sound Module
27 .EQF Winamp Equalizer Preset File
28 .FAR Farandole Composer Module
29 .FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec File
30 .FLV Flash Video File
31 .GBS GameBoy Sound File
32 .GBS Game Boy Sound File
33 .GSF Game Boy Advance Sound File
34 .GSFLIB Game Boy Advance Song Library
35 .HES Hudson Entertainment Sound Format
36 .HMI HMI Audio File
37 .HPS GameCube Audio File
38 .IMF Id Music File
39 .IT Impulse Tracker Module
40 .KAR Karaoke MIDI File
41 .KMV Mobile DJ Video File
42 .KSM Ken Silverman Music File
43 .LA Lossless Audio File
44 .LNG Winamp Language File
45 .LNG Language Application Support File
46 .LRC Lyrics File
47 .M2V MPEG-2 Video
48 .M3U Media Playlist File
49 .M3U8 UTF-8 M3U Playlist File
50 .M4A MPEG-4 Audio File
51 .M4V iTunes Video File
52 .MIDI MIDI File
53 .MILK MilkDrop Winamp Plugin Preset
54 .MINI2SF Nintendo DS Sound Information File
55 .MINIGSF Game Boy Advance Song File
56 .MININCSF NCSF Nintendo DS Audio File
57 .MINIPSF2 Miniature PlayStation Sound Format File
58 .MINIUSF Nintendo 64 Song File
59 .MOD Music Module File
60 .MOD Amiga Music Module File
61 .MP1 MPEG-1 Layer 1 Audio File
62 .MP2 MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File
63 .MP3 MP3 Audio File
64 .MP4.INFOVID Parrot AR Drone and Gyro Flyer Video
65 .MPC Musepack Compressed Audio File
66 .MPE MPEG Movie File
67 .MPEG MPEG Video
68 .MPEG MPEG Movie
69 .MPG MPEG Video File
70 .MPG4 MPEG-4 Video File
71 .MTM MultiTracker Module
72 .MUS Doom Music File
73 .NSA Nullsoft Streaming Audio File
74 .NSF NES Sound Format File
75 .NST NoiseTracker Module
76 .NSV Nullsoft Streaming Video File
77 .OFR OptimFROG Audio File
78 .OGG Ogg Vorbis Audio File
79 .OKT Oktalyzer Module
80 .PAF PARIS Audio File
81 .PLS Multimedia Playlist File
82 .PSF Portable Sound File
83 .PSF2 PlayStation Sound Format File
84 .PSFLIB2 Playstation Sound Format Library
85 .PTM PolyTracker Module
86 .PVF Portable Voice Format
87 .Q1 Winamp Equalizer Presets File
88 .Q2 Winamp Equalizer Auto-Load Presets File
89 .RBS MP3 Ringtone File
91 .ROL Ad Lib Synthesized Instrument
92 .S3M ScreamTracker 3 Module
93 .S3Z Compressed Scream Tracker 3 Module
94 .SAP Atari SAP Music File
95 .SDS MIDI Sample Dump Standard File
96 .SHN Shorten Compressed Audio File
97 .SND Sound File
98 .SNSF Super NES Sound Format File
99 .SPC SNES Soundtrack File
100 .STM Scream Tracker 2 Module
101 .SZ Winamp Classic Skin Download
102 .TAK Tom's Lossless Audio Kompressor File
103 .TFMX Final Music System Tracker Module
104 .TTA True Audio File
105 .ULT UltraTracker Module
106 .UMX Unreal Music Package
107 .USF Nintendo 64 Music File
108 .USFLIB Nintendo 64 Song Library
109 .V2M V2 Synthesizer Audio File
110 .VAG PlayStation Compressed Sound File
111 .VGM Video Game Music File
112 .VGZ Video Game Music Compressed File
113 .VOC Creative Labs Audio File
114 .VQF TwinVQ Audio File
115 .WAL Winamp Modern Skin
116 .WAV WAVE Audio File
117 .WLZ Winamp Language Pack
118 .WMA Windows Media Audio File
119 .WMV Windows Media Video File
120 .WMV Windows Media Video
121 .WPL Windows Media Player Playlist
122 .WSZ Winamp Classic Skin
123 .WV WavPack Audio File
124 .XMI Extended MIDI File
125 .XMZ Fasttracker 2 Extended Module
126 .YM Atari ST Audio File

Updated: September 22, 2017

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