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1. Main Features

  • Access your music quickly with a fast graphical user interface
  • Use the program anywhere with no installation required
  • Customize your experience with a fully configurable keyboard layout

2. Software Overview

OpenMPT (Open ModPlug Tracker) is a free and open source audio module tracker that is used to create and play music. It is based on ModPlug Tracker which was originally developed by Olivier Lapicque.

With OpenMPT you can quickly and easily access and edit MIDI songs. It uses a fast native Windows GUI unlike many other popular trackers that still use DOS-based interfaces. Also, it doesn't need to be installed to run. This makes it possible for you to use the application on many different computers directly from the file.

OpenMPT has many features that you can use to edit your music. It supports many different sample and instrument audio formats such as WAV, PAT, and RAW. OpenMPT also allows you to edit samples with effects like normalization, phase inversion, amplication, and DC offset removal. You can even edit one module in multiple windows spanning across several monitors.

If you are looking for a great module tracker that is completely free, OpenMPT is a great choice. Many professionals use this program to complement their other professional tools.

3. Supported File Types

Other file extensions used by OpenMPT:

Updated: March 21, 2016

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