pmG messiahStudio

pmG messiahStudio
  • Company pmG
  • Version 6
  • Platforms
  • License Commercial
  • Category Graphics
2.4 / 5 (14 votes)

1. Main Features

  • Supports a variety of animation file types, such as .OBJ and .3DS
  • Allows non-destructive modification of animated characters
  • Provides HDRI lighting and shadow mapping rendering capabilities

2. Software Overview

pmG messiahStudio is a professional 3D animation and rendering application. It is available for Windows and OS X but the software has been discontinued and is no longer maintained.

messiahStudio supports a variety of animation file types, such as .OBJ, .3DS, .LWO, and .BVH. The application provides an animation toolset that enables you to modify animated characters in a non-destructive manner and create muscle bones for characters with a single click. In regards to rendering capabilities, messiahStudio offers a nodal-based shader editor, HDRI lighting, volumetric lighting, shadow mapping, and global illumination.

messiahStudio is used by professional 3D animators to create animations for commercials, games, feature films, and print advertisements. It provides a strong toolset and an impressive rendering engine. pmG messiahStudio is a high quality 3D animation and rendering application that produces professional results.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.MPJ - messiahStudio Project File
Other file extensions used by pmG messiahStudio:

Updated: February 11, 2018

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