Softpress Freeway Pro

Softpress Freeway Pro
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1. Main Features

  • Build responsive sites from scratch or a template
  • Save time on creating page layouts with Master Pages
  • Automatically generate navigation menus
  • Work with data tables without using custom CSS
  • Add your own custom code to your site
  • Develop content for newsletters and presentations

2. Software Overview

Softpress Freeway Pro is a WYSIWYG application used to create websites without having to write code. While it is primarily utilized for designing websites it can also be used to create presentations, newsletters, and intranet content. The software was discontinued in 2016.

The application allows you to build your website from scratch or from a template, whether it be a predefined or user-created layout. Freeway Pro provides helpful capabilities, such as Master Pages that allow you to save time on creating duplicate page layouts within your site. Freeway Pro can also automatically generate navigation menus based on the pages and folders in your site. The program enables you to create responsive, mobile-friendly sites and verify their appearance on phone, tablet, and desktop screens.

If Freeway Pro doesn't already provide the functionality you need, you can add your own custom HTML, PHP, JavaScript, or CSS. Also, the program is not only limited to website development as you can develop content for other purposes, such as presentations and newsletters.

Freeway Pro is used by casual users who want to quickly publish a website and professional users who want to save time in the building process. Freeway Pro offers some attractive functionality for web developers looking to bypass the code and focus more on the design of their site. However, since the software was discontinued, you should look elsewhere, possibly to Adobe Dreamweaver for designing your website.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.FREEWAY - Freeway Document
Other file extensions used by Softpress Freeway Pro:
# File Extension Name
1 .FREEWAY Freeway Document
2 .FWACTION Freeway Action File
3 .FWACTIONB Freeway Action Bundle File
4 .FWBACKUP Freeway Backup
5 .FWDICT Freeway User Dictionary File
6 .FWTEMPLATE Freeway Template
7 .FWTEMPLATEB Freeway Template Bundle

Updated: February 28, 2017

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