• Company TuxGuitar
  • Version 1.3
  • Platforms
  • License Open Source
  • Category Audio
3.8 / 5 (18 votes)

1. Main Features

  • Support for several tablature formats
  • Tablature editor
  • Score viewer
  • Multitrack display
  • Plugin extensibility

2. Software Overview

TuxGuitar is an open source application used to compose music. The application provides a variety of composition tools and allows users to create plugins for the program to add functionality.

TuxGuitar saves music compositions in the .TG file and enables you to import and export .GTP, .GP3, .GP4, .GP5 and .MID files. TuxGuitar also supports the import of .PTB and .TEF files and export to .LY and .TXT files. A variety of features come with the application that assist you in composing music, including a tablature editor, a score viewer, a multitrack display, and the ability to manage the duration of notes and tempo of your music.

The application is extensible, as well, allowing you to add features through user-created plugins. You can install support for additional formats, change the sound output system, and more.

TuxGuitar is a useful and easy-to-use application for composing music. It supports several tablature formats and a variety of features for composing music. Although there are a significant number of free tablature editing programs available, including Harmony Assistant and MuseScore, TuxGuitar is one of the better ones available.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.TG - TuxGuitar Document
Other file extensions used by TuxGuitar:

Updated: August 24, 2016

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