• Company Vim
  • Version 7
  • Platforms
  • License Open Source
  • Category Programming
3.8 / 5 (18 votes)

1. Main Features

  • Extensively customizable
  • Utilizes customizable key mappings to automate work
  • Compares and merges files
  • Supports extended regular expressions
  • Accessible in a command line interface or GUI

2. Software Overview

Vim is a free and open source text editor designed for editing source code. It has a sharper learning curve than most other simple text editors and is not intended for novice users. Vim is also available on Mac as MacVim and Windows as gVim.

Vim is designed to be highly customizable so that you can personalize your experience and maximize your productivity. You can use it with a Graphical User Interface or from a command line interface. It allows you to define your own key mappings to automate sequences of keystrokes or call custom functions. There are also many plug-ins available to add to Vim's functionality.

If you are very proficient with computers and prefer to use your applications with minimal GUI interference, Vim is a good text editor for you. If you don't feel like learning how to use Vim, a simple text editor like Notepad or TextEdit is a better pick.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.TXT - Plain Text File
Other file extensions used by Vim:
# File Extension Name
1 .ADOC AsciiDoc Document
2 .ANS ANSI Text File
3 .APPODEAL Appodeal Text File
4 .ASL LiveSplit Auto Splitter Script
5 .ASM Assembly Language Source Code File
6 .AWK AWK Script
7 .BF Brainf*ck Source Code File
8 .C C/C++ Source Code File
9 .CELX Celestia Script
10 .CFG Cal3D Model Configuration File
11 .CFG Wesnoth Markup Language File
12 .CIR Micro-Cap Schematic
13 .COT Coyote Source Code
14 .COT Coyote Source Code File
15 .CSH C Shell Script
16 .CWC Coding with Chrome JavaScript File
17 .DAT Nintendo Wii DAT File
18 .DCF Dyalog Component File
19 .DTS Device Tree Source File
20 .DXL Domino XML Language File
21 .DXO DesignXOver File
22 .DXO DesignXOver Speaker Circuit Design File
23 .EBACMD EBA Command Center Command
24 .EBACMD EBA Command Center Data File
25 .EBAIMPORT EBA Command Center Importable
26 .EET ESP/ESM Translator Database
27 .EJS Embedded JavaScript Template
28 .ERR Error Log File
29 .FTL Fluent Translation List
30 .FZB Fritzing Bin File
31 .FZP Fritzing XML Part Description
32 .HX Haxe Source Code Module
33 .INC Include File
34 .INSTALLLOG .NET Assembly Installation Log
35 .INSTALLSTATE .NET Assembly Uninstaller File
36 .ISS Inno Setup Script
37 .JAV Java Source File
38 .JSON JavaScript Object Notation File
39 .JSONL JSON Lines File
40 .JSX React JavaScript File
41 .KTR Keter Source Code File
42 .L Lex Source File
43 .LIST JAR Index File
44 .LNK42 Windows 93 Desktop Shortcut
45 .LPD LPD Daemon Print Permissions File
46 .LUA Lua Source File
47 .M Objective-C Implementation File
48 .M Mercury Source Code File
49 .MAN Unix Manual
50 .MC Molecular Constructor Molecule
51 .MC Molecular Constructor Molecule File
52 .MDOWN Markdown File
53 .MDX MDX Source Code File
54 .MISSION Vega Strike Mission File
55 .MJS Node.js ES Module File
56 .MKD Markdown Documentation File
57 .ML ML Source Code File
58 .MPS Mathematical Programming System File
59 .NDJSON Newline Delimited JSON File
60 .NSNAKE nSnake Level File
61 .OZOCODE Ozobot Program
62 .P6 Perl 6 Source Code File
63 .PHP2 PHP 2 Web Page
64 .PHP3 PHP 3 Web Page
65 .PID Process ID File
66 .PLOTDOC Plotagon Project File
67 .PMXML Primavera XML Project File
68 .PROPERTIES Java Properties File
69 .PROPERTIES Minecraft Properties File
70 .PROTOTXT Prototype Caffe Model
71 .PTNX EasyBeadPatterns Pattern
72 .PUG Pug Template
73 .RB Rosebud Profile
74 .RED Red Source Code File
75 .REDS Red/System Source Code File
76 .RPMNEW Red Hat Package New Default Configuration
77 .RPMSAVE Red Hat Package Saved Configuration
78 .RPY Python Script
79 .RST reStructuredText File
80 .SAM SAM Studio Project
81 .SH Bash Shell Script
82 .SOL Solidity Script
83 .SPL Vim Spelling Dictionary
84 .SSC Celestia Solar System Catalog File
85 .SVELTE Svelte Source Code File
86 .SWP Vi Swap File
87 .TET Godot Engine Script Editor Theme
88 .TLD Tag Library Descriptor File
89 .TOML TOML Configuration File
90 .TRASHINFO Linux Trash Metadata File
91 .TRG TriggerReactor Script
92 .UTF8 Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document
93 .VCF Variant Call Format File
94 .VIM Vim Settings File
95 .VIMRC Vim Runtime Configuration File
96 .VPP V++ Script
97 .YML YAML Document
98 .ZSH-THEME Oh My Zsh Theme

Updated: July 16, 2014

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