• Company XnSoft
  • Version 0.93
  • Platforms
  • License Freeware
  • Category Graphics
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1. Main Features

  • Supports over 500 image formats
  • Exports images to over 70 different formats
  • Provides an image browser that looks similar to your operating system's file explorer tool

2. Software Overview

XnSoft XnViewMP is a free, versatile application that can open, edit, and convert over 500 different image file formats. The program is free for private or educational users but requires a license for commercial use.

XnViewMP supports many standard image formats as well as many proprietary and obscure formats. In addition to images, it also supports a limited number of multimedia formats, including Windows Media (.WMV) and MPEG. The software provides an intuitive, Windows Explorer-like browsing interface and integrates with the operating system's context menu, making it easy to open and view files.

XnViewMP allows you to view images in a variety of ways. For example, the program offers thumbnail, full screen, and film strip viewing modes. You can also edit your images using functions such as crop, contrast, color modification, filters, and effects. The program also provides a screen capture function for taking screen shots of your desktop.

XnSoft XnViewMP is a very useful multimedia program for viewing and converting image files. With its file viewing interface, it can also double as a file browsing and exploring tool. If you work with images, especially images that have more obscure image formats, XnViewMP is a handy tool to keep around.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.JPG - JPEG Image
Other file extensions used by XnViewMP:
# File Extension Name
1 .2BP Pocket PC Bitmap Image File
2 .411 Mavica Thumbnail Image
3 .ACR American College of Radiology File
4 .APNG Animated Portable Network Graphic
5 .AWD Artweaver Document
6 .BLP Blizzard Texture File
7 .BMC Embroidery Image File
8 .BS Printfox Bitmap Image
9 .C4 JEDMICS Image File
10 .CAM CASIO Digital Camera Picture File
11 .CAN Canon Navigator Fax Document
12 .CE ComputerEyes Image
13 .CIN Kodak Cineon Bitmap File
14 .CIT Intergraph Bitmap Image File
15 .CPT Corel PHOTO-PAINT Image
16 .CUT Dr. Halo Bitmap Image File
17 .DCX Zsoft Multi-Page Paintbrush File
18 .DDS DirectDraw Surface Image
19 .DDS DirectDraw Surface
20 .DIC DICOM Image
21 .DICOM DICOM Image File
22 .DPX Digital Picture Exchange File
23 .DRZ Draz Paint File
24 .EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile
25 .EMZ Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
26 .EPS Encapsulated PostScript File
27 .EPSF Encapsulated PostScript Format File
28 .FAC FACE Image File
29 .FACE FACE Graphic File
30 .FBM Fuzzy Bitmap Image
31 .FITS Flexible Image Transport System File
32 .FPX FlashPix Bitmap Image File
33 .GRO Graphic Object Bitmap
34 .GROB Graphic Object Bitmap File
35 .GRY Grayscale Image
36 .HF HF Image
37 .HPI Hemera Photo Objects Image File
38 .HR TRS-80 Image
39 .ICA Image Object Content Architecture File
40 .ICN Windows Icon File
41 .ICNS macOS Icon Resource File
42 .IFF Interchange File Format
43 .ILBM Interleaved Bitmap Image
44 .INT SGI Integer Image
45 .J6I Ricoh Camera Image File
46 .JB2 JBIG2 Image
47 .JBIG Joint Bi-level Image Group File
49 .JFI JPEG File Interchange Image
50 .JLS JPEG-LS Image
51 .JNG JPEG Network Graphic
52 .JP2 JPEG 2000 Core Image File
53 .JPG2 JPEG 2000 Image
54 .JPS Stereo JPEG Image
55 .JPX JPEG 2000 Image File
56 .JXR JPEG XR Image
57 .KFX Kofax Image File
58 .LBM Deluxe Paint Bitmap Image
59 .MBM Multi Bitmap File
60 .MIX Microsoft Image Exchange File
61 .NCR NCR Image
62 .NEO NeoChrome Bitmap Image
63 .NITF National Imagery Transmission Format File
64 .ORA OpenRaster Image File
65 .OTA OTA Bitmap Image
66 .OTB Nokia Over The Air Bitmap Image
67 .PAC STAD Graphic File
68 .PAL Dr. Halo Color Palette File
69 .PC1 Degas Elite Low Res Image File
70 .PC2 Degas Elite Medium Res Image File
71 .PC3 Degas Elite High Res Image File
72 .PCD Kodak Photo CD Image File
73 .PDB Palm Desktop Database File
74 .PI1 Degas Low Resolution Image File
75 .PI2 Degas Medium Resolution Image File
76 .PI3 Degas High Resolution Image File
77 .PI4 DEGAS Image
78 .PI5 DEGAS Bitmap Image
79 .PI6 DEGAS Bitmap Image File
80 .PIC Generic Picture File
81 .PIC QuickTime PICT Image
82 .PICT Picture File
83 .PM Unix XV Graphic File
84 .PNM Portable Any Map Image
85 .PNTG MacPaint Graphic File
86 .PSPIMAGE PaintShop Pro Image
87 .PWP PhotoWorks Image File
88 .PXR Pixar Image File
89 .RGB Q0 Image File
90 .RGBA RGB Bitmap
91 .RIX ColoRIX Image
92 .RLE Run Length Encoded Bitmap
93 .RPF Rich Pixel Format File
94 .RS Sun Raster Graphic
95 .RW2 Panasonic RAW Image
96 .SAR Saracen Paint Image
97 .SCG ColoRIX Image File
98 .SCI ColoRIX Graphics Image
99 .SCP ColoRIX Bitmap Graphic File
100 .SCT Scitex Continuous Tone File
101 .SCU ColoRIX Bitmap Image
102 .SFF Structured Fax File
103 .SFW Seattle FilmWorks Image
104 .SGI Silicon Graphics Image File
105 .SI Softimage Image File
106 .SIM Aurora Image
107 .SMP Xionics SMP Image
108 .SPC Spectrum 512 Compressed Image
109 .SPU Spectrum 512 Image
110 .SR Sun Raster Image File
111 .SRF Sony RAW Image
112 .SUN Sun Raster Graphic File
113 .SUNIFF Sun TAAC Image
114 .TAAC Sun TAAC Image File
115 .TM2 PlayStation 2 Graphic
116 .TN1 Tiny Low Resolution Image
117 .TN2 Tiny Medium Resolution Image
118 .TN3 Tiny High Resolution Image
119 .TNY Atari Tiny Image
120 .URT Utah Raster Toolkit File
121 .VFF Sun TAAC Graphic File
122 .VIC VICAR Image
123 .VIFF Visualization Image File Format
124 .WBD Webshots Picture File
125 .WBM Wireless Bitmap Image
126 .WBP Webshots Collection File
127 .WBZ Webshots Download Picture File
128 .WEBP WebP Image
129 .WIC J Wavelet Image
130 .XBM X11 Bitmap Graphic
131 .XCF GIMP Image File
132 .XFACE X-Face Image
133 .XPM X11 Pixmap Graphic
134 .XWD X Windows Dump Image
135 .YUV YUV Encoded Image File

Updated: September 14, 2019

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