• Company Xojo
  • Version 2015
  • Platforms
  • License Commercial
  • Category Programming
2.8 / 5 (19 votes)

1. Main Features

  • Cross platform IDE for desktop, web, and web-mobile applications.
  • WYSIWYG user interface
  • Create projects in three different formats
  • Highly compatible with Visual Basic
  • Cloud hosting provides a secure environment for testing web applications

2. Software Overview

Xojo is an IDE that enables users to create desktop, web, and web-mobile applications. The application is free to download and use but requires a license in order to deploy applications.

Xojo allows users to develop applications ranging from commercial software products to utilities for personal use. The program gives the user an option to create projects in three different formats: Xojo Project (text), Xojo Binary, and Xojo XML. Users must have a license to save their project in any of the three formats. If users are using the free version of Xojo, they can only save in the binary format. Once development of an application is complete, Xojo provides a quick build feature that converts the project into a standalone executable.

Xojo provides a WYSIWYG environment that makes developing quicker, such as drag-and-drop capability of different controls to create the UI. The application lets users build applications from one set of source code, which allows your application to appear and behave the way you designed it, regardless of the platform. Xojo is highly compatible with Visual Basic, it allows users to quickly convert Visual Basic projects to Xojo formatted projects. Xojo Cloud is also available as cloud hosting service for user’s Xojo web applications. The cloud provides a secure environment for developing and testing any web applications.

Xojo is a helpful tool, especially for beginning programmers, for developing desktop, web, and web-mobile applications. Some drawbacks include the lack of advanced development features and primary focus on OS X users, leaving Windows and Linux users wanting more. If you are a novice programmer working in OS X, Xojo may be a great fit for you, otherwise, look for a different IDE.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.XOJO_PROJECT - Xojo Project File
Other file extensions used by Xojo:
# File Extension Name
1 .RB Real Studio Project
2 .RBM Real Studio Menu File
3 .RBP Real Studio Project File
4 .RBVCP Real Studio Version Controlled Project
5 .RBW Real Studio Window File
6 .RSD RealSQLDatabase File
7 .XOJO_BINARY_MENU Xojo Binary Menu File
8 .XOJO_BINARY_PROJECT Xojo Binary Project File
9 .XOJO_BINARY_TOOLBAR Xojo Binary Toolbar File
10 .XOJO_BINARY_WINDOW Xojo Binary Window File
11 .XOJO_MENU Xojo Menu File
12 .XOJO_PROJECT Xojo Project File
13 .XOJO_WINDOW Xojo Window File
14 .XOJO_XML_MENU Xojo XML Menu File
15 .XOJO_XML_PROJECT Xojo XML Project File
16 .XOJO_XML_TOOLBAR Xojo Toolbar File
17 .XOJO_XML_WINDOW Xojo XML Window File

Updated: November 12, 2015

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